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Hi! This is my first time doing a Fanfiction on Vingle and I hope you guys like it! I'm a huge fan of BTS and always wanted to write a my own story and so with out further a do.... WARNING: the topic will seem very weird at first, BUT please keeping reading! It's not what it seems! I heard a males voice scream my name just as the water of the lake beneath us engulfed my body. The liquid grazed my skin softly, sending a chill through me and a excruciating pain began to seep into my body as the air escaped my lungs rapidly. I would of been freaking out if it wasn't for my consciousness diminishing by the minute, so the only thing I was capable of was letting the eery water bully me and push me deeper into the darkness. At some point I slowly moved my head around,trying to figure out where I was, but my eye sight was stained with a mixture of crimson red and blue blurriness. Am I bleeding? I slowly moved my head to look at my body, but couldn't pin point anything and I ended up touching my neck where I felt two, small puncture wounds, like something had punctured me. Why is my neck bleeding? I tried to think back to the last few hours, but my head thumped, blocking my thoughts. Why can't I remember? As the waves pushed me farther down I found myself blinking a few times trying to wake myself up from the sudden sleepiness that had washed over me. Slowly my eyes began to droop and my movements began to slow down. I didn't even move when I heard a sudden splash from above me. It was like someone had dived into the water from a incredible height. I eventually looked up to try to make out who it was, but all I saw was a blurry white figure swimming hurriedly to me. When I finally lost consciousness the last thing I felt was the person's strong arms wrap tightly around me. -One week later- The first thing I heard when I woke up was the sound of my heart monitor. The sound of its constant rhythm flowing through my ears. I slowly moved my left hand, feeling the plushness of a mattress underneath me and then moved my right one, feeling the softness of a blanket. A bed? I thought as I laid there and scrunched up my nose in disgust as the familiar scent of a hospital filled my nostrils. Why am in a hospital? I had a spinning headache, that I found familiar to me, like this pain was something I've felt before. But, where, I didn't know. I groaned in pain as it intensified, probably due to me gaining consciousness again, catching the attention of people I didn't know were in the room. "She's waking up!"  I heard a women's voice yell. "Namjoon, go get the doctor!"  A man's deep voice rang through the air and instantly I could hear footsteps quickly run out of the room, getting what I knew was a doctor, only proving to me that I was really in a hospital. I felt two pairs of hands suddenly grip both my hands tightly.  "Finally, you're awake." The women said, sounding like she was crying, which probably she was, by the sound of it. I carefully and slowly opened my eyes, letting them adjust to my surrounds. I was right. I was in a hospital. The room looked fairly big, with all four wall completely white with a few pictures of flowers hanging up. I saw that I had a window, over looking the parking lot and a small TV handing from the left corner. I looked down curiously at the bed I was in. It was small and had a few blankets that were covering me from head to toe. The heart rate monitor next to me was slightly picking up, since I didn't know why I was here, or these people that were holding my hands. The doctor came running in at that moment with another boy and came right up to my bed, examining my state. "How do you feel?" He asked me, looking into my eye with a flashlight and then examining my ears. I looked at him curiously, he was about thirty, I was guessing, and he looked pretty deprived of sleep. His black hair filled his forehead and slightly covered his brown eyes that he had to move constantly to see properly. "How are you feeling?" He asked me again. More direct this time, looking in to my eyes. I could feel everyones' eyes on me and the pressure in the room. I meekly opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. I ended looking around at the people that were in my room. There was only four, including the doctor. They all looked at me with anxiety, especially the younger man, which looked around my age, I think. "Who are you people?" I asked, instead of answering the question. They all looked at me instantly with shock written across their faces. The women holding my hand let go quickly and the man followed, looking at me with concern in his eyes as he stood back up from his crouching position. "What do you mean who are you people? We're your family." The man said, his voice lower than I've heard since I had woken up. It was clear that he was heartbroken, but I just looked at them in disbelief. The doctor, who was standing next to me, kept writing things down on a sheet of paper fiercely and quickly looked up and stopped writing. "If you don't mind Mr and Mrs. Kim I would like to do some brain scans." He said, looking at them as they looked at me. The women nodded back simply and kept looking at me. They looked really sad, but I didn't have the heart to look back at them, so I, instead, looked at the only other person in the room that hadn't spoken up. The younger man was standing silently in the corner. He had light blue, thin hair that covered a part of his forehead and was wearing a plain white t-shirt with black pants. As I looked at him I could, strangely, feel an aura to him of safety and even more strange was that I felt that I knew him. The man looked at me back, like he didn't mind getting stared at and didn't break eye contact as I curiously kept looking at him.  At one point I noticed a small smile playing on his lips, which made my eyes linger to his and suddenly felt strangely my heart race and heard it by the sound of the heart rate monitor. He eventually realized what I was staring at, which only made him smile mischievously at me. He lazily pushed himself off the wall and start to walk towards me. I felt my heart race for a even more odd reason as he got closer too me. The way he was smiling at me now was captivating and I found myself attracted to him. I swallowed nervously as he stood at my bed side and lifted his right hand to placed it on top of my head. What is he doing? I thought as he looked down at me. He still had on his smile as he began to ruffle my hair, making a mess of my already bed head. "Why is your heart racing?." He teased, as he kept messing up my hair. I looked at him surprised and raised my hands to knock his hands off me, but before I could do anything the doctor called back my attention back to him. "Excuse me, but we're going to take you to the scanning room now." He said, as two nurses came in with a wheelchair. The younger man took his hands off my head and backed away from me, going back to his corner in the room and laying gently on its wall. I nodded and got up, sitting gently in the wheelchair and was rolled out of my room towards a different wing of the hospital. After they did the brain scans on me, they informed the adults that I was suffering from amnesia. That I didn't remember any of my past and that I would have to be told everything of my family all over again. I was brought back into my room again, but no one was there, so the nurses made me comfortable and left me. I ended up just sitting right up, staring at the wall. Amnesia? That would explain why I can't remember anything. Wait, that's not true. If I think about it really hard I can remember all the knowledge I've learned in school. So why is that I can't remember anything about my family or what caused me to get amnesia? I sat there for a few more minutes letting my mind wonder to whatever came to mind and I soon found myself thinking about the blue haired man leaning against the wall earlier. I felt my lips immediately tug up in a small smile as I remembers his face and the small dimples that would form when he smiled. There was no doubt he was attractive and I began to catch myself feeling happiness slightly creep into me as I imagined if I was his girlfriend. I defiantly wouldn't mind it. As I sat there the doors to my room opened suddenly and the three people that were in my room before walked in. I looked at them curiously and smiled slightly at the sight of the young man again, the sound of the heart rate monitor ringing through the room. They walked up to me hesitantly, probably because they knew why I wasn't able to recognize them before. "Um, you're going to be discharged in a few minutes, so you'll be able to come home with us." The man said, coughing awkwardly after. "So before we go we would like to tell you a little about who you are. Just so you don't feel uncomfortable." I nodded my head in agreement and a breath of relief escaped the man's mouth and he quickly brought three chairs for him, his wife and the young man to sit in. "Ok, where to start?" He said, clapping his hands together as he looked at the other two people. "Well I guess we should start with your name." The women said. "Right, your name is Ara. You're twenty and we are you parents." The man said and gestured to the women. She smiled warmly at me, which made me feel at ease with this whole thing so I smiled back. "And this is your older brother, Namjoon." He continued, turning his head towards the man, sitting closest to me. I widen my eyes, the warm feeling completely gone from my system as I moved my eyes back and forth from my parents back to the man sitting. My brother? I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. I had thought my brother was attractive. Not the 'my brother is good looking' casual thought. No, it was 'he is attractive', like someone I would date. I mentally slapped myself and looked embarrassingly towards Namjoon, but only found a smirk planted on his face, like he knew what I was thinking. I coughed awkwardly and looked towards my parents, seeing them looking at us curiously. "Um, so is there anything else?" I said quickly, trying to get my heart to stop beating rapidly. My mom and dad looked at each other and ever so slightly I saw my mom shake her head. "No, nothing else." My dad said immediately after to draw attention away from the almost invisible movement. "Let's get you out of here, shall we?" My mom said, smiling as she got up. My dad did the same thing and Namjoon helped me up from the bed, placing one hand on my back and one holding my hand as I got done. I blushed at the contact and again mentally slapped myself. No, he's your brother. You shouldn't be blushing. I thought sternly as I stood on my feet. Namjoon laughed at me silently and I turned my head to look up at him. "What's so funny?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "Nothing, I'm just glad you're ok." He said, smiling. I narrowed my eyes in disbelief at his words. Ya I know he's happy that I'm not dead, but I knew that wasn't why he was laughing. "Ah, huh....." I said sarcastically as I stood on my feet. Namjoon kept smiling and let go of my back, but let his other hand linger a little to long, like he was teasing me in his own way with out saying anything. Aish, he so was laughing because I thought he was attractive! I thought angrily as we walked out. We all took a car and fifteen minutes later we arrived a two story brick house. It was decent sized. It wasn't a mansion, but it wasn't small either. We all walked in and my mom turned on some lights illuminating the kitchen and living room. She set down her keys on the table and sat down on the kitchen table. I looked around curiously. So this is my home. I thought, walking into the living room. There was a fireplace and an array of picture set across the shelf above it and I curiously walked over and lifted one up. It was a picture of me in high school. My long dark drown hair trailed off my shoulders, and as I smiled into the camera, my white teeth and chocolate brown eyes shining. I smiled at the picture warmly and set it back down. I took another one and another one, thinking that it would jog my memory, but nothing was coming back to me. However, as I looked at the various pictures on the shelf one thing struck me as odd. There wasn't a single picture with Namjoon in it. Not even the family vacation pictures that I saw. I curiously looked over at him and saw that he was sitting down casually on a chair like my mom, with his eyes closed. "Mom?" I yelled. She looked up immediately, standing up. "What? Do you remember something?" She asked concerned. I shook my head and I swear I saw her breath a sigh of relief. "No, it's just I don't see any pictures of Namjoon." I said back casually. "That's because he was always studying abroad when we went of vacation and we couldn't get his school pictures." She said calmly, sitting back down again. I looked at Namjoon, suspiciously, to confirm what she was saying. It didn't really seem like a good reason not to be in a single picture at your parents house. "It's true." Namjoon said. "I went to a prestigious school in California." I looked at them both, seeing a blank expression written on their faces and I sighed to myself. "Ok" I said hesitantly, looking back at the pictures. Even if they weren't telling the truth I don't think I would be able to pre it out of them anyway. I casually looked at the nearby wall and saw that it read eight and I suddenly felt sleepy, probably from the stressful day. "I'm think I'm going to go to bed." I said, letting a unexpected  yawn fall out of my mouth. "Oh, ok. Namjoon show her to her room." My mom said, gesturing to him. "Ok." He replied simply, getting up and waiting for me to walk over. He didn't say anything as we walked, casually resting his hands in his pant pockets until we got to a door. He turned the handle and opened the door to a fairly big room. It was simple, but nice, with a window that out looked the street, a bed with white covers, and a small closet. I looked around curiously as I sat on the bed, feeling the coolness of the covers underneath my hands. It felt crisp, like it was just washed. I turned my head again, still looking around and found that Namjoon was still standing in the room. I looked at him and found that he was casually watching me. "It's nice." I said, trying to start a conversation, suddenly feeling butterflies start to flutter in my stomach as I sat there, looking at him back. The way he was standing there was just like the when I was at the hospital earlier today and the same feeling of safety was mixed into my bubbly stomach. Namjoon smiled back at me, like he could tell what I was thinking. "It is isn't it." He said, looking around the room casually. I followed his movement, letting my stomach settle down. It was mostly quiet until suddenly Namjoon's smile turned downward, like he was thinking of something and ended up pushing himself off the wall to walked over to me, sitting down right next to me. What is he doing? I though, nervously as my heart rate went up. Is he going start teasing me again? "Hey, don't start teasing me-" I started to say, but Namjoon suddenly wrapped his arms around me, burying my face into his chest, stopping me from talking. What the heck! My check turned a bright red and my heart rate sky rocketed as he held me. "I'm not going to tease you." He whispered against my ear. I blushed even harder as his strong arms kept holding me tight, not seeming to wanted to loosen up. "Um, ok." I crocked out. Dang it, I didn't mean for my voice to crack. Namjoon suddenly rested his head on my shoulder and sighed heavily, letting his arms loosen and fall to his side. "Dang it, I shouldn't have done that." He breathed heavily again as he rested his forehand on my shoulder. He looked really guilty for some reason. "You need to remember quickly, ok?" He breathed, his warm breath tickling my neck slightly. He probably didn't know this was driving my heart crazy and I gulped nervously. What has gotten in to him? Why did he suddenly hug me? Not that I really minded, but still. Now he looks like he's regretting it, which hurts. Namjoon lifted his head and looked at my concerned face. "I'm sorry if I surprised you I thought it would jog your memory." He smiled embarrassedly as I raised my eyebrows in suspicion. How would us hugging bring back memories? But Namjoon didn't continue and just brushed off my suspicion and sat back a little looking straight ahead. I was going to ask anyway what he meant but his phone started to go off the minute I opened my mouth. He looked surprised and quickly took it out of his pocket and brought it to his ear. "What is it?" He asked, his deep voice echoing. There was muffling from the other end and it sounded like people were fighting. "Namjoon, get over here." The voiced yelled. "They're ba-" and that's all I heard before Namjoon cut off the phone call and looked at me. "I have to go." He simply put and ran out of the room. I was utterly shocked. What's going on? What were they talking about? And what was that noise on the other end. I ended up only nodding, but it was too late he was gone and I was left to just sat in my room with my heart racing for two reasons now. I didn't know why he had to leave so suddenly, but something in my heart told me it was bad. I reluctantly climbed into the sheets and brought the blankets over my head, getting comfortable. It was stupid of me to feel this way right? How bad could it be?
That's the end of the first chapter! I hope you liked it!
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