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Calling ALL Melodies!! I've come to introduce myself into the BTOB community.
Ya'll know me as @LemonLassie. My name is Lauren and I've been on vingle for almost a year now. I have lived all over, really just 4 places but seems like all over I love to sing and I feel into the cheese trap called Kpop through food. Yes food lead me to these beautiful korean men and women. Interesting where food leads you.
I have known about BTOB for a while now, but only jumped in the air balloon basket to BTOB OZ land. One can only handle so many korean men at a time! This cutie has come and taken my Ultimate Bias spot next to Kim Namjoon. That's not saying much, but to me that's really big deal! The one of a kind king Kwon Jiyong held the number one spot for a long time, (I've only been 3 years deep into kpop). OUT OF THE BLUE HE WAS KNOCKED DOWN! Some of you might have the same feeling. I know, it's hard at first.
Since this cute Squishy Squirrel has wrecked my everyday I will be sharing my love for him with you guys. I WILL refer to him as 3SQ, if you don't know what I mean go read this. He is just so adorable. Can't wait to share the love with you guys! I challenge you all to introduce yourself to the BTOB community as well!! When you do make sure to tag the melody squad. Look forward to seeing your posts!! ❤❤❤
you're hair is now my UB!!! 😍😚😚 왜요.....
@Helixx its a surprise!!!! haha kidding kinda. 🤔 its gonna be purple. ish. purpleish
Yay @LemonLassie! I'm so excited to have you as my Squishy Perm Squirrel Minhyukkie! But girl, what color will your hair be for KCON?
MinHyuk is adorable...
@MelissaGarza purple shampoo?
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