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****NEXT DAY**** You wake up to the sound of Jackson snoring. He was in a deep sleep. You found yourself smiling to how loud he snores. It was adorable. You get up and grabbed a towel. You go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. As you take off your clothes, You felt a pinching pain in your back. "Ahh.." You groaned. Your teeth grinned together. The pain kept getting worse and worse. You look in the mirror to find the scar that Jackson had made that one day. (That was in Part 2 btw) You ignore it as you head in the shower. ****JACKSON POV**** I woke up to find her not next to me. I heard the water pressure running so I assumed she was getting ready for the day. I scroll through social media, Really bored. Then I thought, 'We have never been on a date..." I decided to call my friend, JB. "Hyung~ Can you do me a favor?" "Sure I guess. What's up?" He hesitates. "Okay so since you know my girlfriend, (Y/N). I realized we have never been on a date ever so I was planning something and I need you to stall her for me." "Umm Okay. When do I come over?" He asked. "Right now please. ASAP." "Alright I'll be there in 5." **5 MINUTES LATER** I heard a knock on the door. I go to answer it. "Hey Jackson!" JB greeted me. I nodded my head with swag as he walked in. We chat for a bit until I changed the topic. "Um.. Hyung?" "Yes?" He answered. "Can you go write a few notes for (Y/N)? I'm sending her on a wild goose chase. Just too distract her for a bit. "Of course." He insisted. He goes and make little notes. I get my stuff ready as he makes many clues. "Ready Hyung?" I asked. he nodded as we headed out the door. ****YOUR POV**** You got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around your body. You open the door to see no Jackson. Where on earth has that boy gone too? You go and get dressed. You were about to go and brush your hair but there was a note there. It reads, "As you brush your hair, You tend to move. Baby don't be scared, Grab your phone and bust a move." You grabbed your phone to find a note attached to it. It read, "Scroll through Spotify, You don't know what you may find. If you do find the right song, I'll give you my time." 'If I find the right song? What?' You thought to yourself. 'But wait..' You continued, 'If you do...? If you do!!' You look through your phone to play the song. (In English)
~ I wish you wouldn鈥檛 go too far but you just can鈥檛 stop. Now I say in my sleep, I鈥檒l be good. When there鈥檚 nothing to say you always say, I鈥檓 gonna go to bed. Frustrated with no one to talk to, Sometimes I delude myself that I鈥檓 trapped. ~ 'Hmm..' You said in thought, 'Trapped? Sleep? Bed?' You look at your bed. Nothing. You look around the room for little sudden hints. None. But than you thought about sleep. Some people go to sleep if they're tired. Others use it to wash off some pain.. And sometimes pain causes you to feel trapped or surrounded... You scattered through the house to find some pain killer pills sitting in what looks like a bird trap? cage? Of course, There was a note attached to it. It read, "After a hurricane, Comes a rainbow. When you fight, you start to cry. And when there comes tears, There is so no fighting back." 'Great! More weird messages!' You thought. 'This is stupid.' You whined. You tried to call Jackson but he doesn't pick up. You texted him. No response. "Hmm.." You muttered out loud. You try to call one of his friends. And finally after a minute of calling and texting, Someone responds. "Hey Jaebum. Do you know where Jackson is?" You texted him. "I don't know. Isn't he with you?" He responded. "No.. I have no clue where he is. Can you help me find him? He won't answer his texts or calls." "Uh sure. I'll go to you. See you in a bit." He texted. In the span of 2 minutes, He walks into your house with a grin. "Thank goodness you're here." You said. He just chuckles and smiles. "Well help me Jaebum!!! I need to talk to him." You complained. "Okay Okay Okay... Did he leave you any notes? To like tell you where he is?" He asked. "Uh.. A few yeah actually." ****JB POV**** "A few notes huh?" I acted as if I had no clue what she was talking about. "Yeah I have them here. Look." She explained as she handed me the notes that Jackson had wrote the night before. I examined them quickly as I chuckled. "What is up with hurricanes and rainbows?" I asked. "I don't know.. But can help me like.. decode it? I just don't understand what Jackson is trying to do." I nodded as I reread the note. I look at (Y/N) as she pleads to look down. I smiled. "Well.. I think what he meant by that was that the hurricane was like a battle or some type of event and the bright side came out which is referenced by the rainbow." She looked confused but she had seem to understand what I was saying. "Um well.. I guess if it's a battle but it has a bright side then.." She said. Her eyes popped out as I imagined a light bulb on her head. She had an idea. I could tell by her cute yet weird expression. She walks over to a room to grab a black notebook. She opens it to a page filled with words. It was in Jackson's handwriting. "Is this Jackson's notebook?" I asked her. She nods as she looks through it. So many words and doodles right in front of me. As she goes through it I ask her, "Is this like his little diary or something?" "Yeah but he doesn't like to call it his diary. He calls it his secret book."
"Well does he know that you know about it?" I concerned. "No actually. I have had seen him writing in it and he would never tell me or show me so I kind of have been reading it when he isn't home." "Well... That isn't noisy." I said sarcastically. She giggles and smiles as she stops on a page. She turns over towards me as she points to a little drawing of a thunder cloud raining on top of a rainbow. The drawing was really detailed it looked almost real. So pretty. "Maybe he was quoting his own words?" I guessed. She nods. There was a note attached to it. I read it out loud, "I see you knew about me notebook. Smart. To find another clue, you must go and into the bedroom. Look over to your right and we'll see how you do tonight."
She walks over to her bedroom as I follow behind her. She looks to her right for another clue. Except there was no words. Just a shape of a music note.
**** JACKSON'S POV**** As JB distracts (Y/N), I am here with her parents who are helping setting up my date with her. With the help of her older brother we got things finished faster. "Thank you all so much for helping me." I told her family members. They simply nodded and smiled at me as they head inside. I fix my bow tie with the feeling of being nervous. I worry too much over the littlest things. I made sure all the lights were magnificent, The roses were beautiful, The dinner table was spotless. Everything was turning out smoothly. I just hoped JB directs her to the right place...
I wait for her by her bedroom window with a smile in my face and a bouquet of roses in my hands. ****YOUR POV**** You thought about the music shaped paper taped to the dresser. You open the dresser to find a card lying next to a cute outfit. You read the card out loud to yourself, "Put the clothes on, Look nice and skip on over to your house to find the big surprise."
You do what the card says and get ready to look nice. You walk out to see JB with huge, pretty eyes. "Wow.. You look... bea-beautiful (Y/N)." He stunned. "Thank You, Jaebum." You smiled. You put on your shoes as JB holds the door open for you. You get up and walk out the door as JB walks out behind you and closes the door. JB walks you to your house with a sudden smirk on his face, As if he knew what's up. You walk into your house as JB stands by the door. "You can come in Jaebum. My parents won't mind." You told him. "Oh um I forgot I had to uh.. uhh.. clean my uh.. poster.. bye!" He stuttered as he walked away. Strange but whatever. I walk in and yell for my parents and my brother, Alex. "Mom? Dad? Alex? Hello?! Anyone home?!" I pondered. I walk outside to find myself bursting into happy tears as my hands cover my face. I look up and see these beautiful strobe lights hanging above a fairy tale themed setting. The swirls on the tables and chairs, The beautiful plants called nature surrounding it, It was pretty. But what was even better was seeing Jackson all dressed up holding roses, On one knee as he asked me, "(Y/N), Will you make me the happiest man ever and go one a date with me?" "Ye-Yes Jackson! Yes!" I stuttered with happiness. He runs over and hugs me with delight. He takes my hand and walks me over to the table. I sit in the chair as he scoots me in. He goes to sit in the other chair. I look in front of me. There was food. I have never been so happy in my life before. "Jackson.." I said. "Yes Babe?" "I love you. Thank you." "I love you too (Y/N)."
THERE IT IS!! THE FIRST DATE!! I am so proud *cries*
Sooo cute馃槅. I want a date like that someday馃槍
@LisetteZapata Of course and thank you <3
tag me please so cute馃鉂b潱鉂b潱
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