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Hey guys! And before you ask, yes the goddamn cat was goddamn necessary... Sorry it's been REALLY FRIGGIN LONG SINCE I POSTED BUT... Well, life is almost in order now, so I can step back to the plate I found a really useful page that includes simple rules to follow when drawing anime style, which is stuff I've heard again and again, but it's neatly comprised and easily accessible. Here I've provided the 10 rules to follow for work that speaks to your individuality!
1. You must study real anatomy. Believe it or not, the dimensions of the human body you frequently seen drawn manga or anime are (usually) realistic. Based off realism. Note: Does not apply in ecchi. Sure, you can always search for anatomical displays on the internet, but-sorry otakus- getting out in the world can do real justuce here; if you watch people (not stalk), take in those around you, you can make anatomy as realistic as possible! Natural posture, hand position, the way people move, etc. If you can observe it with your own eyes, then you have a better chance with forgoing far fetched anatomy.
2. Use references (btw that fucking pineapple) Guys, don't be ashamed to Google (bing, yahoo, whatever the hell) images of objects you're unsure of how to draw, or you can't remember. Rarely, people are born with the talent of using a photographic memory to pinpoint every nook and cranny in a beans can, but if you're like me, you may have forgotten the exact size to scale of the can! So don't be afraid to gather reference material; it's a lot like rule 1, studying anatomy, except now it's studying objects.
3. Use guidelines Many people have their own style of drawing, so this is only a mild suggestion; if you're skilled enough to free hand in black ink with no sketching, that's all you. But for the most of us, we need to be able to see a picture... to paint a picture. Not that we're painting or anything, but that applies here too. Sketches are perfect guidelines to turn a rough draft into a finished project. They don't even have to be good! It's to give you the idea you know what you're doing, and all you have to do is trace and fill. Plus they're incredibly useful when you're doing noticeable difference in size between objects or people. So you don't start off making building A unnecessarily larger than building B, with no way to fix it because you drew in pen. I would recommend ALWAYS starting out with a pencil sketch.
4. Do not just copy your favorite artist. Okay, I admittedly will say, yes I have done this. And I don't think it's a bad thing to do when starting out. Because, think about it, you're new to the crew, and you have no clue what to do. So to get the hang of the drawing aspect, it's okay to take from your favorite artist's style. BUT. You should always look for developing your own style. Something you're comfortable with and somthing you don't continuously make errors with upon drawing. Trust me, it's not yours if you keep erasing and morphing the facial shape because it's being problematic. MAKE IT YOUR OWN! INDIVIDUALITY AND THAT CRAP.
5. You need to be OK with criticism. Right. This one. Depends on your level of patience and ability of dealing with people. Results may vary, but if this is your goal- you want to be an artist, dealing with critique is essential. You can always defend yourself, yeah, but what good will that do if you keep hearing the same things from different people? You need to understand that in the big league, competition is fierce and demanding. You need to accept when people are willing to help you with your mistakes - there will be a time, yes, when you make mistakes and try to brush it off. Do yourself a favor, and heed the word of someone who is giving their honest opinion so you can better your work.
6. Do not listen to friends and family. DON'T !!!! THEY LOVE YOU SO THEY WON'T TELL YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW !!!! Unless you're at that point you know you're good, and your parents are like OH HELL YEAH THAT'S OUR SKILLED CHILD WE MADE.
7. Avoid shortcuts. *sighs* Guys, if you can't draw the other eye the same way, don't give the character bangs. You must try again and again! AND YOU WILL SUCCEED WITH PERSEVERANCE. But please. There was an age we all drew hooked arms behind the back. I guarantee you, those hands you gave up drawing? They would have been a lot more enticing than a fixed pose.
8. Avoid character discrimination. Easy one; switch it up. Change facial shape between characters, hair styles, eye shapes, skin colors, body types, etc. So you don't run into that brick wall of dull constancy we all hate. Unless an image is completely vivid and appealing, the mind grows tired of seeing it again and again.
9. Don’t get discouraged. KEEP UP THE FIGHTING SPIRIT. BRING OUT YOUR INNER KAMINA!! If you feel like you're drawing shittily, take a break. Look for references. Draw something else. But don't give up in that original piece. It's just an enemy waiting to be challenged. You have to make the first move, and many more after, to be victorious.
10. Have fun! Guys, this is your time to shine! Make your drawings feed off of individuality and creativity! Whether you are an aspiring artist or capable hobbyist, do what makes you feel best. Who knows? Maybe your work will go places you never imagined, but it's only worth it if you enjoy what it takes to take it there. !!WISDOMMMMMM!! I hope you all enjoyed these tips, and I'm going to go ahead and leave you with the link to the site they are from here. As for me, I'm off to hide in the shadows again until I'm summoned by the will to post something again. See you around~