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Who: Readerx Park Chanyeol What: Action/ Romance (Mature content) Some guest appearances by BTS and GOT7 Chapter 8 Story: In a post apocalyptic world, you lead a rescue mission to save your older brother Junmyeon from the clutches of Baekhyun the Light King. With the help of your commrads you lead a rebellion that will hopefully bring this tyrant King to his knees.
Y/N'S POV I reached into my pocket, that's where I had kept the paper that Taehyung had given me. I opened it to look at it again. The writing translating itself for me: Choose the path and give your orders. The Phoenix's reign to cleanse the world. I sighed, "Even if I do admit something like that, what could that possibly do? It's been feeding off my hate for a while now." I said looking up at him again. Yixing held his hand out to me again and when I grabbed it he walked me out of the room. "Show me to your room." He said. I didn't want to but Taehyung told me to trust him. So we walked to my room and once we got in he walked me to my bed and told me to sit cross legged. He placed a hand on my cheek and pecked my lips saying, "You're going to have to relax. What I'm going to do is put you through a vision quest. This will be very real, you can feel, taste, touch everything. Stay focused on one goal and one goal only. You want to see the Phoenix." "Wait what? Why?" "You need to see it yourself. It will open your eyes to what you've been missing." "Well how will I know what this Phoenix looks like?" "It will show up as the object of your truest desire." "My wha-" "Shush." I pouted and listened, he came up and kissed me again this time long and lovingly. He pulled back and looked me in the eyes, "Close your eyes and relax, remember to be careful." I nodded. I closed my eyes and heard him chant some ancient incantation and in a moment I felt myself being pulled into what felt like a dream world. I looked around then saw Baekhyun walking towards me with a smile. I didn't have control over myself as I felt myself smile back at him and heard him say, "Hey beautiful." "Hey, took your time didn't you?" "Sorry dad wanted to talk to me." This was a memory, the day that Baekhyun had secretly killed his father and I didn't even notice. Wait a minute, why was I back in this memory? Didn't Yixing say something about opening my eyes to what I didn't see? So what didn't I see? In a moment, Baekhyun pulled me into a kiss and then whispered in my ear, "Stay with me forever." I could feel my heart jump, I never knew why he said that to me. I hated this memory and any memory of us together really. He was a liar, how could someone beam with so much light and yet be so dark. My hand wrapped around his back while my chin rested on his shoulder. My eyes shifting from the ground to look up. My other hand ranking through his hair and I could feel his lips touch my skin. I jumped a bit but something caught my eye that I hadn't seen before. When I moved back I could see a symbol behind his ear. That hadn't been there before, what was up with that? "You're still afraid aren't you?" I pulled away from him, crossing my arms and looking away from him, speaking the words from my memory without being able to stop, "That's a big deal for me you know that stop being so persistent I'll tell you it's okay when I'm ready." "You fire wielders are so stubborn." he said pushing my head over to him and kissing the top of it. "You're one to talk." What was the mark on his neck, how long had that been there? When did he change? Almost immediately I was jumped to a new memory the one of our one year anniversary. This time it was me to meet up with him. I could see it now though, his eyes were a little darker. He looked different from the usual beaming Baekhyun. I hadn't noticed the change, was I really that blind? "I have something for you." I said. I had given him a ring to match mine, his cute big smile reminding me of Taehyung's. He had kissed me and that's when things led to us going to his bedroom. Through heated kisses we, moved through his room and passed his bookshelf, he sat me on his desk trying to undress himself but asking me, "Are you sure you're ready for this?" "Yeah." I said. I didn't know why my mind was free from the memory but I happened to see a box on his bookshelf while I was undressing him rapidly, with the same symbol on the box that was on his neck. Hold on what was with that symbol? I had seen it before. Stop! My head was screaming I needed a second to think, I could feel a fire rising because of my confusion. Yixing told me to stay focused so think, think why was I here? To see the Phoenix, I want to see the Phoenix. I blinked a few times and the world around me changed once again to nothing but white haze, a small flame in front of me erupted into a bigger flame taking shape and forming like a human. "Hello master." "Chanyeol?" I said confused. "I've only assumed the shape of your friend, I am not him. I am the object of your desire, Phoenix." "Whoa, wait when he said the object of my truest desire-" I started confused. "You were expecting the one you know as Baekhyun? Chanyeol seems to have taken his place in your heart, however not completely. Your past keeps you from completly accepting how you feel for him." "So then why show me memories of Baekhyun?" "You noticed the change didn't you? Did you see the symbol and the box? The King is tainted and because of that he should die yes?" "Tainted, what do you mean tainted?" I asked. "The Baekhyun you love still exists in the one you want to kill. However, he and his light have been infected by the darkness within the box." The darkness in the box? That's why he was looking different but I still didn't get it. "Shall we destroy the Light Kingdom? Burn everything and everyone to the ground?" "Why would I burn the people?" "Baekhyun is a threat is he not? He killed your parents, and his father. He cheated on you, he sent his men to get you and they ended up killing your friend. He is a threat that has poisoned the entire kingdom has he not?" "That doesn't mean everyone deserves to die, it's not like he wasn't once good. Whoa." I said stopping myself, was I so wrapped in my anger I let myself believe he was never good once. I thought Baekhyun's nature was evil but my anger had clouded my judgment more than I realized. "I plan to burn it all down but the people are not to die." I said. "Is that not what you want? You wanted them all to die when Make died, yes?" he said. "Yeah, no not really I was just upset. We can't just keep reinventing the world because a few people messed up. There will always be people like Baekhyun to change and do bad things but the entire world shouldn't suffer for that." "The box was opened by Baekhyun, just like those before him and each time I took reign I was to rebuild the world back in purity. The cycle will inevitability continue. The world must destroy the tainted and start again. Rise from their ashes." "Then we destroy the foundation not the people. At this point every kingdom is corrupted so we destroy the kingdom's; we rebuild them from the ground up." "The Light King would need to be purified in order to do such a task. Do you know the amount of power it would take to achieve such a goal?" "I'm pretty sure I have a plan but you have to be willing to work with me. You're not evil and neither am I. I'm just hurt." "Then allow your healer to heal you. I'm not sure how this world judges good and evil, I will watch closely." he said. I nodded, the image of Chanyeol began to look more like flames and he raised his hand to me. In it a stone formed it was orange yellow and it looked like the inside was on fire. I took it from his hand and asked, "What is this?" "The Phoenix stone, it is the stone that amplifies my powers and connects you to me. It is what the elders of my first life made for me to amplify my abilities. Things like bringing your friend back to life wouldn't be possible without this stone. Remember we will need the Light King use the box to contain the sorrows and we may have a chance." "Sorrows?" I was suddenly pushed out of the vision to see Chanyeol holding my face. I looked at him surprised, "Pandora's box." I whispered and looked at Yixing. "What?" Chanyeol asked confused. "He opened Pandora's box. That's why he changed. Did you know that?" "Yes he was tricked into opening the box but he didn't let out enough to make him worse than what he is now. His love for you keeps him stable enough but you're trying his patience and he's about to break. You have to say it." Yixing said leaning against my wall. "I know." I said. "What's going on?" Chanyeol asked. "Don't worry Chan. Why did you come here anyway?" "Someone from the dark city dropped by, apparently Jongin was severely beaten by Baekhyun's men. Baekhyun sent the message that if you and Yixing didn't return to him he'd kill Jongin. We just can't figure out why he would think that would get to us though, Jongin betrayed us." "No, he was undercover, I asked him to do it. He's been feeding information to me for a while now." I looked at Yixing, that's why he was so tense. I looked down at my hands but the stone I had was gone until I happened to see its glow coming form my chest. I looked up at Chanyeol and looked him in the eyes. I grabbed his face and kissed him hard when I pulled away I looked at him seriously. "I've got a plan and you're not gonna like it."
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