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☆ Hello and welcome to my card:

If you are here, that means I'm one of your favourites. So Yay me!! ♡ {J/K}

I know. . . I know. . . You're here for the JongUppie. . TBH I would be too. .

The Beautiful and Wonderful @StefaniTre has appointed me to be the dancing machine 4D Jonguppie!! YAYYYYY!

☆ Note tho: If I try to dance, it'll be comical cause I'll fall. So keep that in mind.

☆ I am a goofball like him though, so it's only fitting.

@JiyongLeo & I will be in charge of bringing the biggest shenanigans ever. So stay tuned. Cause team #ZEUP

I promise you will love me. Maybe not as much as JongUppie. . But enough ♡

I'm starting a TAGLIST, So If you don't want to miss out on anything pertaining to B.A.P or Jongup, then please leave a comment below ♡

☆ BABY Mod Squad ☆

oooo tag me for Jonguppie goodies!!! he's my baby bias. and congrats!!
Yay Aimee! I can't wait to see what you will do with my first B.A.P bae.... just don't tell my sweet, precious Youngjae Muffin that I'm looking at the Pup!
@MandyNoona OF course I can Sweetheart! thank you so much
@Imagimato1997 Definitely will add you to the Tag!
Tag me please.
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