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Hass anyone else herd the theory that the聽realstory behind this show is the fact that Sakamoto is actually dying? In the manga Sakamoto is seen inside a school locker like a corpse in a casket referencing him dying. If this was the case it would make sense as to why the school would have a freshmen be the speaker for the graduating senior class. Also, Mars migration project was just a lie to cover up his real reasons for leaving. For starters, Sakamoto himself states that it is currently impossiable in perhaps his "lifetime" from Episode 10 while at karaoke. So, why would he get called for such a project if it can't even be done? Not to mention, why would NASA ask Sakamoto of all people and why now? Wouldn't it be smarter to wait until he graduates? And if that wasn't enough, when Hayabusa asks if he had any regrets his answer implies that he has been to the nurse's office a lot of times over. Hayabusa is the only one who realizes the Mars tale was a lie for he even called him out on it and Sakamoto did not even deny it. This all leads to the fact as to why Sakamoto is so amazing. Through the whole show, he hides the fact he is dying by being cool and fabulous in front of everyone. Always being there for others while always living his life to the fullest. Why do you think he never wanted people knowing about his personal life? And through all that, we see the first sign of emotion from our savior Sakamoto. During the last few minutes of the episode as he looks back at his classmates we see him actually begin to tear up. But our Sakamoto doesn't want them to be sad! So what does he do?! He covers his upper face with pie so as to prevent anyone from noticing he was crying.
and I also thought the pie was implying some kind of tumor or something
I was just commenting About that in another post I thought the same thing
I haven't even got to that part, I barely started it..
@Jelloston yeah ur right
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