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Only 2 members left now! The lineup so far: V Jin Suga J-hope Jimin Jungkook Rap Monster

Jimin's turn!

1. his face when he sees you approaching

2. what you give him

** if you got "a question..." scroll down to 3.1!!

3. his face when he receives it

3.1 [if you got a question]

he answers with ____

4. his face when you're told to move on to the next member

5. He goes for a high five. You ____

[my results] he's like "did you really...yes, please leave" ;v;

How'd it go? Who will you meet next?

Golden Maknae vs. Leader Mon! Fanmeet ssg taglist: @AlittleJoy
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jungkook next please. also can you tag me?
Oh Jimin. He was okay with me till I gave him a set of couples bracelet.... He didn't want them. Our high five missed. But Jimin it's not for me and you! It's for you and Suga!
@MirandaStephens of course~ @TerraToyaSi YoonMin yesss 💕💕
Could you please tag me? ❤️
@bethanub sure ^^