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Day 2. What do I love about Each Member.
I Love Zico's Sense of Humor. He's Extremely Attractive, and I just Love his Personality!
I Think P.O is just one of the Most Adorable Humans on the Entire planet! I love his baby Face. He just comes across as a Sweet, Innocent, Lovable guy to me, and I love that about him.
I Think Jaehyo is Just absolutely Gorgeous! I also Love his personality. He's so funny.
I Love B-Bomb's Personality. I think he's so funny. I Loved Watching him on SNL with the Rest of Block-B
I Think that Taeil is Just So Cute! He just looks so Huggable and Sweet.
I think U-Kwon is Extremely good looking. And I love the Impressions that he does. I loved When he did an impersonation of G-Dragon
I Love Kyung's Sense of Humor as well. I think he's just so Hilarious! And I think he's really Cute.

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