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Why do you like iKon?

In all honesty: I am still trying to figure that out myself. I love these boys from their leader to the maknae. They are each a special character that I'm just like why is Donghyuk wearing high water pants in "Rhythm Ta", why does Chanwoo look so good with wolves in "Dumb & Dumber", why is Junhoe a bully to Jinhwan like the man likes you (lol), when did Bobby & Yunhyeong become boyfriend material in "오늘 모해" and what the actual fudge with Hanbin such a tease in "Just Go"..ughhhh
Join me in getting to know these cuties for this quarter and let's have fun exploring all these questions that need answers lol. Why do you like iKon? Tell me below.


@IsoldaPazo 25 more days!!!!! and I will go full on cheese ball lol
@Sammie99522 ahhhh...accepting all of those cheesy attacks!!!
@IsoldaPazo any convo with you is great 😘 * full on cheesy attack* 😂😂
@Sammie99522 aren't they great convos though
😂😂😂 these are basically our daily conversations with each other