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“What did I tell you, baby girl?” Kris’ low and thick honey-like voice filled the bedroom as he locked the door behind him. He stepped slowly towards you, one foot in front of the other, with a special glint fused with a hint of menace in his scorching brown eyes. The way he walked was like that of a fierce cat, steady and with ease, which had a direct effect on your heart, making it beat dangerously.
He finally stopped in front of you, tilting your chin up to gaze at your warm orbs. His other hand traveled down to the hem of your flowy, tiered dress in that same unhurried manner, rubbing the delicate material with this gentle fingers. “I told you not to wear this dress, didn’t I?” His hand skimmed up your inner thigh, his fingers brushing along the lace of your panties. You heard his breath hitch and the glint in his eyes darkened remarkably. “This dress is far too short for Daddy’s liking, princess,” he all but hissed through his teeth. His anger was beginning to surface through his calm and controlled facade.
“But Daddy,” you looked up innocently where you found a scowl marred on his handsome face, “You bought this for me.”
"Only for me to see,” he barked, his jaw clenching. “I hate it that Kai and Sehun are fucking you in their minds out there!” he yelled. He pulled you flush against his chest as both of his hands traveled down to the bottom of your dress again. “They probably imagined how easy it would be to pull up this flimsy little dress, bend you over the couch, and fuck you senseless,” his lowered voice came as a visual threat in your ears. He leaned closer to lick and nibble on your earlobe, making you gasp and moan.
“D-daddy,” you whimpered as he sneakily slid your panties aside and plunged two fingers into your waiting, wet folds, rocking you back and forth sensually as you stood with nothing to hold but his muscular arms helplessly.
“Oh, you’re mine, baby girl,“ came his carnal whisper. Desire flickered like a new candle in his eyes. Your lips parted in a sensual O-shape as your eyes fluttered close. Kris smirked, loving your reaction to his touch. He sped up his fingers, pulling and pushing into your wet, warm heat. “Only Daddy can do this to you, feel this tight little pussy,” he continued, his murmur like a sinful melody blown softly into your ears.
You bit down on your bottom lip, trying to stifle a helpless whimper. His dirty-talk was always too much. Then unexpectedly, he withdrew his long fingers that were now slick with your juices. You whined in protest, wanting him to finish you off. “Daddy, please,” you pleaded.
"Please what?” he smirked, tasting his fingers thoroughly and swirling his tongue around them like popsicles, all the while maintaining an intense, heated eye contact with you.
Heat rose to your cheeks, tinting them blush pink. “Please take me,” you whispered, your eyes cast down, embarrassed. You knotted your fingers together nervously as you waited for what he was going to do you.
Kris tilted your chin up, and the hunger in his eyes had your knees buckling. The need in them was now a blazing fire, and he secured his arm around your waist possessively. “And all you had to do was ask, baby girl,” he whispered, licking his lips hungrily.
In the next second, you realized he had hoisted you up over his shoulder, heading straight for the king-sized bed you shared with him. He tossed you on it, and pounced onto you with a feral glare in his burning eyes. His lips captured yours abruptly in a raw and hungry kiss while pushing up your offending dress. He impatiently moved the lace panties that were dripping with hot arousal aside to feel his baby girl’s tender folds. “So wet, princess,” he groaned, eyes closed. “And who are you wet for, huh?” he snarled, eyes searching yours for an answer.
“You, Daddy, only you.” You shivered at the ghostly contact of his fingers on your sensitive lower lips.
“Damn right, only me,” he grunted in sheer satisfaction. He fumbled with his jeans hastily and freed his thick, long erection.
“Oh yeah, baby,” he moaned, stroking himself in front of you while staring with a primal need into your wide eyes. He chuckled darkly at your innocent expression; you had no idea what was coming. But he looked so animalistic and wild that you could feel the ache for his hard cock to slide between your tight walls.
He tugged fiercely at your panties again, moving them so that your butt cheek was exposed to his molten brown eyes. “I’m going to punish you, and you’re going to count for me, baby girl. Do you understand?” came a low whisper that was as sensual as it was threatening.
“Y-yes,” you stuttered, too distracted by the starving and raw look that had overtaken your sweet and gentle boyfriend.
His hand came down hard, the sound ringing in your ears as the pain spread through your skin like ripples in a pond. “Yes, what?” he growled furiously.
“Yes, D-daddy. One,” you whimpered as his hand massaged his assault on your skin soothingly. His fingers dug into your behind, kneading you firmly.
“That’s my girl,” he cooed and he leaned down to nip at your earlobe before smooching it tenderly. He rose back up on his knees and then came down another smack.
“Two,” you bit your lip to prevent yourself from whimpering. His spanking was getting harder.
“You’re Daddy’s baby girl, do you understand? All mine.” he crooned, his lips brushing against the side of your neck sensually. Then, his hand bit harshly into your glowing pink skin again.
“Ah!” This time you couldn’t help but yelp helplessly. “Y-yes, Daddy. Three.”
“Who can fuck and fill your tight pussy with hot cum, huh?” his voice was harsh as hit brought his hand down onto you again. His fingers slapped against your core, and it was making you quiver in pure need now.
“Only Daddy,” you tried to stifle a threatening scream from your throat. “F-four.”
“That’s right. Only I know how to fuck you senseless and feel every little tight squeeze your pussy gives me on my hard cock. Is Daddy’s girl gonna be good, huh?” he leaned down to breathe into your ear again before bringing his hand to strike you right on your core.
You inhaled sharply. “Y-yes Daddy, I will be good. Five,” you exhaled, your voice slightly shaking from the mind-blowing experience of the spanking.
“Good. I think that’s enough,” Kris declared triumphantly, smoothing your stinging skin that was now thumping in time with your heartbeat. “Now,” he turned you over like a rag doll onto your back and hovered over you, “I’m going to fuck you with this dress on, princess.”
Kris reached down and positioned his hard, long member that was straining with veins at the opening of your entrance. “Hold on tight, baby,” he kissed your nose and lips sweetly as he pushed your panties aside and slid in the large head of his shaft. He paused to absorb the beauty of your flushed face with your wavy hair spread elegantly over the pillows, and then finally drove into your core in one deep, strong thrust.
“Ahhh!” you screamed from pain and pleasure. Your hands flew out to grip onto his sturdy arms that were caging you in protectively and preventing any escape.
“Do you feel that, baby girl?” he growled as his hips slammed against yours mercilessly, already setting a fast, insane pace. He was pounding you into the mattress as your body moved rhythmically with his.
“Oh! Oh! Oh yes, Daddy,” you whimpered, your lips trembling from the hard fucking that your boyfriend was now giving you. Your head bounced slightly with each jolt of his long, pumping cock.
“Damn right you can,” he hissed beside your ear. “Fuck!” he cursed, going at an inhuman pace now, sliding his cock back and forth ruthlessly, filling you up to the hilt. “S-so tight,” he grunted with an especially hard thrust. “Wet.” His cock rammed into you again. “And fucking warm,” he groaned with another burning, powerful thrust.
“Oooh yeah, baby girl. This pussy belongs to me,” he let a half throaty moan and growl escape his plump, red lips as he threw his head back, eyes closed in pure pleasure.
“Oh my, p-please. Daddy!” you exclaimed as he increased his pace to another impossible high. He lifted your hips up to a slightly higher angle as he kneeled back and began aiming for your sweet g-spot. You could feel your pussy clenching onto his hard, moving cock, drenching him with your juices with every heavenly and sinful stroke.
“You’re Daddy’s baby girl,” he whispered softly as his lips found its way to your earlobe to lick and nibble. He kept pumping into you with that same speed and strength. You didn’t know how long you could keep up with his erotic and torturous assault on your body, along with his dirty interludes in your ear. Your eyes began to lose focus and your eyelids drooped with exhaustion.
You moved to hold onto his shoulders weakly as he kept fucking you into oblivion. “Ah! Ah! Daddy!” you yelped as he showed no signs of stopping. All sounds that were in the room were furious skin slapping against skin, your whimpers and screams, and Kris’ sighs and rough grunts. His hair was ruffed up and dripping with sweat, his eyebrows knitted closely together, and his brooding dark eyes bore into yours with raw passion.
“What?!” he shouted, his cock still ramming into your sore pussy without abandon. “You’re going to take every inch of Daddy’s cock, my sweet baby princess.” He reared up again, tightening his hold on your small waist as he took you for his own pleasure.
You felt your walls finally hugging his thick, hard member in an iron grip that it had you shouting in ecstasy. “D-daddy I can’t take it. I’m going to cum!” you cried out, tears leaking from your eyes from the sheer intensity of it all as your pussy clenched onto him, trying to milk him.
“Not too fast,” he growled, pulling out his still-hard rod abruptly and leaving you mewling in protest. He ripped your dress off impatiently, rendering it a useless piece of fabric in his large hands.
“Ahh… shit,” he moaned as he lowered you down onto his long cock, eyes squeezed shut tightly. He nudged you with his head to look at him, and when you did, you saw his eyes softening just a bit but the lust was still prominent.
“D-daddy,” you whimpered, not sure how much you could take of him pounding into you any longer.
“Shh, baby, we’re almost done,” he cooed as he began to slide you up and down onto his long dick again. You nodded your head and squeezed his shoulders as he moved in and out of you with relentless passion. “Tell me how Daddy’s cock feels in you,” he growled.
“Oh Daddy please!” you cried as he hit the end of your cervix with every vicious thrust, invading and possessing you.
“Tell. Me,” he demanded, pausing with each word to circle his hips and stir his hot rod inside you.
You bit down on your lip to stifle your indecent screams. Breathless gasps came spilling out of your mouth. “Y-you feel long,” you said as he gave you a hard thrust. “H-hard,” you cried.
“Keep going, baby.” You could see the sweat dripping from his brows as well as triumph in his eyes.
“Big and hot inside me,” you finally finished with a high-pitched squeal.
“That’s right,” he grunted. “You like having this big cock inside you, don’t you? Only I can do this to you. Fuck.” He growled as he increased his pace further, now bumping his hips up against yours in short, powerful thrusts. “Ohh, Daddy’s gonna come, baby.”
“Yes, Daddy, please,” you wailed, clutching onto his shoulders. You were still in such a cloudy haze, but all you could feel was his cock pumping in and out of you as your walls clenched onto his hard cock tightly. The moans and sighs coming from you both felt detached as you were only vaguely aware of what was happening now. “I’m gonna come too, Daddy!”
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Kris chanted, pummeling in and out you as he reached harder for both of your releases. “Come for Daddy, baby. Daddy’s gonna fill you up now. Squeeze that little pussy tighter. Oh, that’s it, baby. Just like that,” he urged you erotically beside your ear.
With three more rapid, desperate thrusts, he finally locked his hips with yours securely, shooting out long ropes of hot cum into your pulsing pussy. You could feel him swelling inside of you, growing bigger and harder. “Daddy!” you screamed, feeling the intensity of your orgasm coupled with the feeling of his hot seeds filling you up as he collapsed over you, your back hitting the bed again.
“Oh yes,” he whispered, spent from all the primal fucking. He began planting soft, feathery kisses all over your face and neck. “You feel that, baby girl? Feel Daddy filling you up? Feels good, hm?” He rocked his hips gently into you, getting every last drop of cum into your womb. “Does Daddy feel hot inside you?” He planted a smooch on your forehead. “I know you like that, don’t you? You’re going to take every drop of my sperm, and you’re going to keep in that sweet pussy. You’re mine, princess.”
“Yes, Daddy. I like you filling me up. It makes me yours,” you mewled softly, exhaustion taking over your body and making your eyelids droop.
You felt his gentle chuckle vibrating through his chest as he tenderly swept your sweat-soaked hair from your face, running his cool, long fingers across your scalp. He kept on rocking his hips into yours while keeping you under his safe, iron grip.
“Baobei?” he called softly as you were about to close your eyes after a few long minutes of catching your breath in an euphoric daze.
“Hmm,” you hummed in response, trying to fight off sleep that was close to overtaking you like a thick blanket.
A soft laugh rose from his lips, and you opened your eyes to find him staring down at you with that gummy grin you adored. Love was shining bright in his eyes as well. “That was fun.” He commented with the wrinkles of his eyes scrunching up as he smiled broader, almost proud even. He nuzzled your neck, brushing his lips intimately over your skin. “Thanks for letting me live out my fantasy, baobei.” He lifted his head to gaze down at you lovingly again before moving in to plant a sweet smooch on your lips.
It amazed you so much how tender he could be after that rough session that a giggle bubbled from your lips.
“What are you giggling about, my love?” He nuzzled his nose with yours.
“You,” you said, also grinning now. “You were so into it, Yifan. Your Daddy kink is overwhelming,” you laughed, stroking his arm with the back of your hand.
His eyebrows knitted together. “If I recall, you were into it too,” he playfully growled. “And it turned me on so bad.” He licked his lips and his eyes darkened slightly. And on cue, you felt his member twitch inside you, coming back for more.
“I’m tired,” you pouted to which he responded by nibbling on your bottom lip.
“Alrights,” he rolled you both to lay on your sides, still connected. The beginnings of the lust cloud in his eyes diluted, and he was back to his old, normal self again. “Let’s stay like this then. I want to feel you a bit more,” he wiggled his thick eyebrows at you as he bit his lip charmingly. “I love you.”
“I love you, too,” you replied, a smile gracing your lips. “And okay,” you yawned, too tired to disagree with his choice of position as you found yourself cuddling closer to his warm chest where you placed a small peck. He pressed a firm yet gentle your forehead and temple in response while stroking your back, lulling you to a deep sleep. But before you could drift off, you had to ask, “What about Kai and Sehun in the living room? They must be waiting for us to get dinner…”
And your gentle, loving giant in all his quirkiness answered by sharply thrusting his hips, tightening of his arms around your body, and asking a simple, “Who?” before snoring loudly with his mouth hanging open.
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well damm
yo I Know you said triple rated M but even I wasn't ready for this shit. Damn Kris might be moving on up my list after this one between him and Kyungsoo IDK what do.
holy shit 😍😍😍 I'm exhausted just from reading this 😂😂😂
I think I lost my voice from fangirling too much
This is my favorite one so far! Jisoos! 😫
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