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Written by Erin Nicole Starring: Yongguk and Himchan Genre: Crime, Mystery. If you haven't read Chapter one, I recommend reading that one first before reading this one. I'll put the Link to it HERE
Chapter 2: As we walk through the town, we both hear that voice again. "YONGGUK!!!" Shouts the voice. "HIMCHAN!!!" The voice cries. "That sounds like Zelo!" Said Himchan. "ZELO!" I shouted while in hopes that he would hear me. "Zelo, where are you!?" Shouted Himchan. We Looked everywhere but couldn't find him. "I've got it, Let's call his cellphone." I suggested. "Great idea." Said Himchan. "Wait, The Robbers took our phones." Said Himchan. Then all of the sudden, I see a Nearby Phone booth. "Himchan look!" I said as I pointed to it. I walk inside the phone booth and call Zelo. "Hello?" Answers Zelo. "Zelo, are you okay!?" I shouted. "Hello?" Asked Zelo again. "Can you hear me?" I asked. Zelo hung up. I walk out of the phone booth "What did he say?" Asked Himchan. "We must have had a bad connection." I said. "Let me Try." Said Himchan. He walks in the phone booth and calls Zelo. "Hello?" Asked Zelo. "ZELO! It's Himchan! Don't hang up!" Shouted Himchan. "Is this some kind of Prank!?" Asked Zelo Frustrated. Then Zelo hangs up the phone. Himchan walks out of the phone booth. "He Hung up on Me!" Said Himchan While feeling offended. "Let me try again." I said. I walk back into the phone booth and I pick up the phone. Then a man starts to approach the phone booth. "Hey, My friend is in there." Said Himchan. The man ignored him and walked into the phone booth. "Hey, You have to wait your turn." I said to the man. A look of fear falls upon the man's face as he Screams. "Dude, it's okay. I'll be done with the phone in just a minute. You can use it when I'm done." I said calmly to the man. The man Ran away Screaming. "What did I say?" I asked. I walk out of the phone booth while feeling puzzled at what just happened. "What did you do to him!?" Asked Himchan. "I didn't do anything to him. He just saw me and ran away screaming." I said while scratching my head. "Himchan, Do you see anything?" I asked him. "No, I don't see anything." Said Himchan while looking at me. "Hello!?" Shouts an unknown voice. "Where did that come from?" Asked Himchan. "It sounds like a little girl." I said. "Mommy, Daddy!?!?" Asked the voice in a scared tone. "It's coming from over here." I said. We hear the voice coming from an ally. *Sniff sniff* "is someone there?" Asked the voice while crying. We walk over to a dumpster, and find a little girl sitting on the ground next to the dumpster. "This is not a safe place for you to be." I said to her gently. "Mister, can you help me?" The girl asked me while Crying. "Of course I can help you." I said to her. "What is your name?" Asked Himchan "Maria." She said. "And Where are your parents, Maria?" Asked Himchan. The girl goes silent and starts crying. "They shot Mommy and Daddy." She cries. "The Robbers?" I asked. "yes." She said. I wrap my arms around her while trying to comfort her. "Don't, worry, we're gonna catch the guys who did this." I assured her. "Thank you, Mister." She said. "Do you have somewhere you can go?" Asked Himchan." My Aunt's House is a few blocks down, but We haven't seen or heard from her in a long time." "We can take you to see her if you will tell us where her house is." I said. "You will? Thank you." She said. We finally arrived at Maria's Aunt's house. We walk up and knock on the door. A woman Swings the door open. "WHO'S THERE!?!?" She shouts in an Angry voice. Then she stops shouting after she sees Maria. "Maria! What are you doing here!?" She asked in a worried tone. Maria bursts out in to tears while clinging to her aunt. "Mommy and Daddy!" She cries. "*sigh* there was...a Robbery." Said Himchan while in Mourning. The aunt looks down at Maria and starts to cry. "Well, Thank you for everything, boys." She said to both of us. "No problem." I said. She walks with Maria into the house as she slowly closes the door.
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