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Here we goes...thank you @StefaniTre for the fun & quick game. If you want to play click here.
Ahh Jongupie...why you just my bff though
Omo, omo, omo...himchannie is baeeeeeeeee
♡♡ Couldn't have been any more perfect Daehyunny ♡♡
Okis so maybe I won't call you Daehyunny 미안해요. :(
Sooooo, are you trying to brainwashing me or que? Because I don't mind :D
Zelo, my beautiful tree vs Himchannie oppa...waeyo. Who shall reign supreme? lol
Good lawd, Youngjae came out of nowhere and said oh no, liver alone, cheese with me. Lmao ㅠㅠ The Baby Mod Squad: @StefaniTre @AimeeH @Helixx @JiyongLeo @JohnEvans @CrystalBlunt 아기 뽀뽀!! (Baby kisses lol)
thanks for playing! :)
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Youngjae stole you away with his preciousness and beauty.
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@Helixx he sure did, that little sneaky one jaja.
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