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Guys... This was my first concert and I can say that it was the BEST DAY EVER!!! (despite that my dad ruined my mood from the beginning of the day)
Before the concert, @lilbr0wneyes, @MYAlpha, @ShailaZaman and I got together at IHOP and Skyped @BBxGD during her lunch time from work as she couldn't be with us. Sadly, @amberg171997 couldn't make it at IHOP with us but we did meet her at the venue ^_^
Honestly, I wanted to enjoy the concert, so I only took these photos before the concert started. Sowwy. But, I definitely enjoyed the concert! My friend's sister and I (whom were coincidentally seated next to me and no we didn't buy the tickets together), were dancing and singing along with GOT7! Despite that Youngjae wasn't there, I was happy to see that they tried to include Youngjae by even making us chant his name in a song aren't they so sweet? I was hoping to hear some Engrish from Youngjae but sadly, he got sick and couldn't participate. I sincerely hope he's feeling much better now so everybody who's going to see GOT7 in other cities can see him.

This has been a great experience! My first concert and it was amazing!! I got to meet the K-Monsta squad face-to-face and even got to watch GOT7 perform!! Can I say that I'm the happiest girl ever?


@ShailaZaman was nice to gift me such precious cards and poster!! I'm sorry I couldn't get you something! But I will one day. I can't just receive things without giving something in return
And for @MYAlpha who took her time to draw Jackson for me (my GOT7 bias) and gave me a Junior (second GOT7 bias) postcard. I love what you wrote for me and one day, we will do everything we mentioned before! Come to me fast girl so we can party!!

Don't I have the best friends ever? Love you girls!!! Hope we get to meet each other soon again!!!

So happy you had a great time at your first k-concert! I've only got a few hours to go until I see the Chicago show!
I am in the middle of Chicago and Dallas....when they fly over someone please drop JB off at my door or my back yard. Be careful my yard has a lot of trees and there is a forest behind my place too.
@H7zAngel Haha, I'll make sure to let someone know.
@KpopGaby yep we did get close im glad we still talk every day 馃槅馃槅
@lilbr0wneyes Yup! I was planning on making the group just for the concert and then after just delete the group but suprisingly, we got along pretty well and I thought that maybe deleting the group and lose contact with everyone was quite cruel. I didn't think we'd get this close
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