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Hello my fellow Homies and BBC I am here to tell you a little about myself and what I am in charge of in block b ^_^ I hope you take good care of me and I hope you enjoy my cards
My name is Verenise But you can all call me Vinny! I'm 20 years old I'll be turning 21 on Sept 22 I'm A Virgo and a libra (Vibra) but more of a Virgo. heehee I'm Hispanic I was born and raised in Los Angeles CA!! (woo were my LA kpop homies!) I'm a MultiFandom my ultimate favorite groups are BigBang I like writing singing joking with friends and being useful. I am pensexaul (I don't consider myself a female nor male as I am still figuring myself out also I don't care of your a girl or boy even a transgender even a unicorn if I like you I like you) I've been told I have a 4d personality when I die I wanna be reborn a fish... or a flying squirrel because I can stuff lot of nuts into my cheeks and fly with them then spit them at people xD alright that enough about me...
I well be in charge of this adorable cute looking men right there!! looks the way his cheeks get puffy awe!! you bias wrecker. take a moment to spazz with me over these photo lol cute right ik!! ugh lol
I hope you guys enjoy my taeil tuesday cards and everything else the block b mod supporters have in store for the community @CosmicCassidy @PrettieeEmm @Sammie99522 @Swarrier16 @JordanShuler and our lead mod @YongRaviZiMon
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@AnnaCruz same here I hope to get to know you more ^_^
Welcome Vinny, I look forward to your cards, if they are like this one we are in front a treat. 💗
@resavalencia rofl xD it's a goal in my next life xD
Lmao Vinny! Your reason for wanting to be reborn as a flying squirrel is THE BEST reason for reincarnation that I have ever heard! 😂😂😂
@sukkyongwanser awesome nice to meet you too lol ^_^
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