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this kid Is seriously too perfect for life. he killed us in nct u so now he's back to kill us in NCT 127.....yeah I'm screwed ......*mails soul to NCT headquarters * hahaha Real Name: Lee Taeyong Stage Name: Taeyong DOB: July 1, 1995 Position: Leader/Rapper/Dancer/Visual Height: 182CM or 5 feet 11 inches Bloodtype: O Hometown: Seoul, Korea Family: Parents, older sister Specialty: Rap Astrological Zodiac Sign: Cancer Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pig Nickname: Grandpa (because he likes to take care of everyone). Also, because his debut hair was white, so it made him feel like a grandpa. Also, because after he dances, he says his body aches. He was also called “T.Y” as a kid, and after the NCT Show, people will continue calling him that. TY Track Taebreeze (it has something to do with him using Febreeze a lot). T-Yong. Cookie Monster because he loves to eat chocolatey sweets. Taeyong says that the members call him this. He says that everything feels better when he has a tub of ice cream in his arms. - Casted in 2012 (SM Casting System) - Was casted at school (street casting) - He attended School of Performing Arts High School - His dream as a child was to be a firefighter - Has a dog called Ruby whom he has been raising since he was 14 years old - A big fan of Studio Ghibli, his favorite movies being Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke - Favorite music genre is Hip Hop - Favorite sports is swimming - Favorite Foods: Melons, strawberry macarons, Kalguksu (Korean hot noodle soup). - Favorite Hobbies:He loves rapping. He likes making rhymes and flow. He is also interested in photography. - He usually turns off all lights when he practices dancing - He has a mark next to his right eye caused by atopy - Shoe size is 265mm - Taeyong helped write the lyrics to NCT’s “The 7th Sense” along with Mark. - He always buys his members food. - He loves swimming. - He featured in RV's Be Natural M/V.
why he look crazy tho lol
@ibMIMI I know I'm happy he's in there but I wanted to see more members lol
I looked at this card and was like..."Another member....great." I opened it and it was Taeyong,My bias in NCT U."Oh great, you back slaying my entire existence."
He was sort of my bias in NCT U but i'm kinda dissapointed that its not all different members=/ The others should have a chance to debut too=)
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