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A Chicago AMC Theater River east 21 is playing Chanyeol's Movie Married to an antifan but under the name No one's life is easy. Go and watch it. Seriously it's worth it and his lip syncing was priceless.
Unfortunately there was only us in the theater and I think that's because no one knows about. When we looked it was on the fourth page of the site
Seriously we were smiling the whole movie. If you love Exo or are Chanyeol biased or just like romantic comedy go watch it. Watch. it. It's playing through the seventh of July and hopefully they'll continue to put up more Korean films in the theater.
@Tigerlily84 I thought the movie was great! It was really cute and I loved it. Channie did such a good job! My daughter was hardcore fangirling [as you can see in the pictures] It was really cute, she loves Chanyeol.
I can't. I'm three hour away.
awe so luckyyy I wish I could see it too 😢
@klpowell7813 I loved it. I thought it was great, and not just because Channie baby was in it. What about you?
@Tigerlily84 We went at 10am What do did you think of the movie?
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