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So I know at least where I am it's technically Sunday but to me for this card it's still Saturday!! xD So let's just take a moment and admire our adorable YoYo/Yunnie.
He's such an adorable and sweet human being! Cinnamon roll!💖
When I first started watching iKon in Mix & Match I was like omg I love Team B! And then after a while I was like omg I love them all who is gonna end up being my bias?! I went back and forth between them all but in the end YoYo was *raises hand* Me me!! So then I gave in. I still struggle cause I love them all so much but YoYo has been doing a very good job at defending his #1 spot. Yes YoYo protect yourself and the boys from those haters!😂
He's so squishy! I love his side profile and his facial expressions! He's such a dork I can't stand it. He's definitely My Type.💖💖
Ahhh my beloved boys!! I love when they display their closeness and love for one another, not that I need proof to know this lol but it's still nice to see. It makes me happy. But...YoYo what are you doing to June exactly?!😂