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안녕하세요 my Loverlys! KPopBeat here to bring you this weeks Boys24 elimination news... Now if you are anything like me you really do not like to watch the boys break into tears and cry over how hard the show is and how hard it is to watch your friends walk away... but that is what these kinds of shows are....
In this card I will show you the two chosen to be put up for elimination and the one that the group, yes I said group... they actually talk over who out of the two the judges nominated for elimination will be eliminated and the leader is the one who gets to deal the finally decision and the final blow... heart breaking I know....
Well lets get started with Yellow Group.......
Kim HongIn and GiSeok were picked by the judges as the weakest links for this weeks performance. I have said before that HongIn is mostly deaf and has a hard time singing.... which also means he has a very rough road ahead of him to become an idol.
Many people actually do like him though as you can see by his rather large heart gathering. I cannot say I disagree that both of these boys were on the chopping block but I am happy to know that HongIn will be with us next week.
Eliminated Yellow Team Member: GiSeok
Next we will move one to Green Group....
This was one of those match ups that left people with a bitter taste in their mouths. Little JinGyo did try his hardest in the performance but his inexperience is the only thing I could see that took him down. None of the boys were happy about letting the little one go in the first elimination round, but as always... someone needs to be cut.
Eliminated Green Team Member: Jin Gyo
Next we will move on to the Red Team.....
Now other than these two boys being little bitty babies... There wasn't much I knew about them. I believe that Alex is the youngest member in the whole group and when the judges said he was up for elimination a lot of the members in all groups seemed a bit upset. Some cried for the two boys and others tried their best to stay strong.....
In the end SungHo had to make a choice of who should go. He decided to keep Alex around for at least another week.
Eliminated Red Team Member: HeChan
Next we have the Purple Group.......
The judges did something that surprised most of the audience as well as the boys themselves with this one. Not only was Yunsol put up for elimination but so was the groups leader YeonTae. Now I am not sure what exactly happened but right after they announced that they were the ones up for elimination it was said that YunSol was eliminated.
Maybe it is because he is the leader that they did the elimination differently, but YeonTae better step his game up for next week.
Eliminated Purple Team Member: YunSol
Next we have the Light Blue Team.....
Now with this team I actually had a member that I felt should be eliminated. As I watched the practice scenes and watched the performance itself there was one individual I felt should be eliminated. SuHan, just seemed to rub me wrong. I don't even know why I was instantly met with the idea that he should be gone, but I was.
As it seems though... the judges agreed with me and he was placed on the chopping block. I personally believe that Yonghyun and the other boys made the right decision with choosing to eliminate SuHan, but other than his attitude didn't seem very good to mean I can't tell you exactly why.
Eliminated Light Blue Team Member: SuHan
Next up is the White Group.....
Now the person eliminated with this one caught me off guard. Talent wise I think Jaehyun was the one I personally would have picked to leave.... but these boys know them better than anyone so there had to be a reason they picked GwangHyun.
I just noticed how Jaehyun seemed to struggle the most out of the group with the song and the dance so I wasn't expecting it.
Eliminated White Team Member: GwangHyun
Last But not least we have Blue Group......
The performance for this one was a bit weak like I said the first time around. It is only natural that the judges would pick someone who was not up to par to leave. The boys however had a hard choice on their hands between TaeDong and Kyuhyun. Ultimately they did choose to keep TaeDong thought and I hope to see a better performance from the group next week.
Eliminated Blue Team Member: Kyuhyun
Well that is all for this weeks elimination round. Be ready for next weeks to show up on saterday after the episode airs!!
Until Next Time Loverlys!!!
@KPopBeat OUT!!!
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Where can I watch this?
@NydiaEdwards you can find the episodes here but they are not subbed. I have only found the forst episode subbed on another site.
@KpopBeat I was searching for the elimination episode and I can not find for the life of me!
@CLAKPOP its episode three under the TV replay in the link in my last post. I havent been able to find any subs but that one only aired yesterday.
As long as InSoo isn't eliminated I'm OK. My poor baby.