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If you don't know who Cody Rhodes is, he is /was a wrestler in the WWE. Amell even trained his little heart out to get in the ring with Cody Rhodes. Check out the clip below! At the time Cody was going by the character named "Stardust" and he did it! Btw Arrow won
On Saturday, Arrow star Stephen Amell made the surprise announcement that Cody Rhodes will be appearing on Season 5 of the show. Amell made the announcement on Facebook live, while appearing at Heroes & Villains Fanfest in New Jersey.
Above is a tweet Amell sent out about Cody. So do you think Cody being added will make the show good for folks again? Oh, and who the hell do you see Cody playing as in the DC universe? _Queen Mera Follow the Intel collection to get the low down on what's going on in DC universe!
I actually love Cody Rhodes, he has a real chill attitude, I know he has been through a lot between this year and last year with his father Dusty passing away. I'm glad he found something he is excited to do_ QM
I'm so happy