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Favorite Anime: Major Hello everyone, I'm back at it with the anime challenge! Today I'm talking about my favorite anime. I hope you enjoy it!
There are many animes that come to mind when I think of a favorite. I think about Soul Eater, Durarara!!, and many other shows I have enjoyed. But truthfully, my favorite will have to be the one I am currently binging. It is called Major. Why? Well, mostly because of the main character, Goro Shegeno!


Major is a very long Sports Anime about baseball and a young, talented player named Goro. Throughout the 6 seasons, this anime shows the growth and development of this young boy and his love for the game!
Unfortunately, in the first season, Goro's family life was taking a toll. First, his mother passed away, leaving him and his dad as the last of the family.
Some time passed when Goro's father re-married. But unfortunately, it wasnt long untul he passed away in a "baseball accident". You see, USA Major League pitcher, Joe Gibson, transferred to the Japanese baseball league and found Goro's father as a huge competitor. Sadly, during their first at bat, Gibson threw a fastball (something he was very famous for) into Goro's father's head. That dead ball turned out to be, a truly deadly ball.
The next morning, Goro woke up to find his father lifeless in his bed. Becoming, now, father-less.
After that, Goro dedicated his whole life to baseball. He had always had a love for the sport, but now it was all he had left of his dad. The dad that literally raised him on one thing: baseball. All of Goro's motivation, endurace, respect, moral, and even skill came from his father. Now he was going to play his hardest to make his father proud.
Unfortunately, in a little league game, Goro pushed himself so far, he broke his shoulder while pitching. Leaving himself unable to ever pitch with that arm again.
But he didn't give up! Goro started practicing and working hard in order to obtain the same level of pitching that he had in his right hand, in his left. this boy lived and breathed baseball. His daily dedication help him grow bigger and stronger and helped him master every goal he set for himself. Soon enough, he was better than he was before!
I love this anime, because there's so much character development that you just can't help but fall in love with the characters. I appreciate how the animators didn't rush each episode, and how each episode somehow motivates me to be the best I can be -similar to how Goro is with himself. PLUS I've seen this boy go through so many teams and so many uniforms as he's progressed... Y'all need to understand... every team this boy was on, I learned every name, strength, weakness, and sometimes back story too. Everything is so tied together, and characters commonly show up even past the season they were introduced - it's like you know an entire baseball city by the time you finish all these episodes! Haha I don't know, that may not be your style. But I LOVE it!
Plus, there is budding romance between childhood friends Goro and Shimizu! They go from childhood friends, to dating, to... well, I don't want to look up spoilers for that yet, but let's be real, they're totally going to get married some day.
Also, I guess I have to mention that I am in love with the OPs and EDs!!!! Like seriously, they're pretty great! Check out the video above to see the S3 OP - "Play the Game"!
Anyways, that's all for now! If any of you have ever seen this anime, please let me know! I'd love to meet someone that I can talk to about this anime!

If you are seeing this challenge for the first time, I challenge you to do it with me!

But if you'd prefer, go ahead and comment your own favorite anime in the comments! Maybe one of you can help me find my next binge? ;D

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