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We sat around the table, happily chatting among ourselves, laughing here and there, and sharing cute little stories. "Man, this is really good, Hannah! You should cook more!" Taehyung chirped. "It's not that good, and not nearly as good as Jin's cooking. His tastes like heaven!" I praised. "Then I'd rather stay on earth and eat your food! It just too good to be true..." Hoseok smiled. I flashed Jin a pity smile as the guys laughed it all off. "So anyways, you guys are all going on tour soon right? Where are you going?" I asked. "Mhmm... We'll be going to the United States." Jimin informed. I looked at him confused, the United States? Was that somewhere in Europe? For an odd reason I just couldn't recall a place named the United States. "Um... where exactly is that...?" I asked, a a it shyly. "Oh, well you know where Canada and Mexico are right? Its between those two states." Namjoon said. "Oh! There! I've been there before! Although... I don't know what for actually." "Don't tire out your brain trying to thing about that! You remember what happened last time?" Yoongi laughed. For some reason, thinking about america made my head very uneasy... when the members would mention it now, I would get a rush of adrinaline, and a wave of fear. "H-hey... I'm going to head to bed.. Thank you for letting me cook dinner! I'll wash dishes in the morning, just leave them in the sink for now. Goodnight!" I bowed as I hastly made my way through the dining room, slightly tripping over some things. They stayed silent as I left the room, watching my every movement. I could feel their eyes on my back... but it didn't feel scary; in fact, it was comforting. "Stupid, stupid, stupid! You probably made them all worried about you because of how clumsy you were being! Stupid brain! Stupid!" I scolded myself. So much has happened, just in a single day too.. Things were never this difficult before... I shoved my hands into my face as I sighed heavily. I can't tell the others about some of the things I'm thinking about, because I'm afraid they will stop me from remembering. "Things are getting confusing. Every last bit of memory I seem to recover always leads me to fear something afterwards..." "Then why not think of happy things? If something is scaring you, you can always talk to us. We are here for you Hannah. You're never really alone, there are people who care for you out there... I mean look at Jungkook: he's been there with you since you came here, heck... he wouldn't leave your side, even if you were sleeping!" Hoseok laughed. "But... what if things get too difficult? Won't I have to face them on my own? There will come a time when you guys cant help me." I said. "That may be true, but we'll be there for moral support. Where ever you go, you have seven crazy goofs following your every step. We take chances to help you however we can. In fact," he paused as he looked at the door way, "Jimin will sometimes come and sleep at your door. When you fall asleep on the couch, Namjoon will carry you to your room and tuck you in. Jin is the one who always leaves you lunches in the kitchen when you go help out at the studio. Even though he'll probably never admit it- Taehyung is the one who got you a stuffed panda for christmas. Yoongi makes sure no one messes with you when you doze off. And me? Well, I make yo laugh." He smiled sweetly. I stared into his eyes, smiling slightly. "Thank you Hoseok, that really means a lot to me... but did Jimin really sleep outside my door?" I giggled. "Oh yeah! Sometimes I'll see him make his own little bed and stuff! And he'll wake up at six and hurry to hid bed before you leave you room to make breakfast!" He laughed. "Yah, yah, yah! I don't sleep outside your door! He's lying Hannah! I swear I'm not a creep!" Jimin protested. I laughed as Jimin and Hoseok got into an argument. I watched as they both jokingly punched each other. I then saw Yoongi leaning against the door frame, smiling. I walked over to him, still giggling while watching Hoseok and Jimin fight. "Yo, how you holding up?" He asked. "Hrm..? Oh, yeah; I'm okay now. Just felt a little chilled about something earlier, That's all." I waved. "Y'know, Hoseok isn't wrong. If you need someone to talk to, you have seven older 'brothers' you can talk to anytime." He informed. I smiled at him. "Brothers", huh? "Okay, I'll do just that. Anytime I feel like I'm in trouble, I'll be sure to talk to my brothers. "Guys! There's cake down here!" Taehyung yelled as Hoseok and Jimin looked at each other. Silence rang throughout the dorm... "Last one down get the smallest piece of cake!!" I yelled as I made my way down the stairs. This wasn't really a smart idea, considering I was wearing socks while the other three had on shoes, that had traction... I was first into the kitchen, but also the first to cause disaster... "Look out!!!" I yelled as I ran face first into Jungkook, knocking him down by surprise. I had hit my head while falling, on the table, causing a big "thump" to be heard for the whole block, I'm pretty sure the whole street could hear me fall.... "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.... Ahhh.... that really hurt... Are you okay, Jungkook? I'm sorry I didn't mean to run into you. I'm really sorry..." I said while holding my head. "I'm fine. But are you sure you are? You hit your head pretty hard.." He asked, concern filling his voice. "I think I'll be alright. I might wake up with a small bump on my head though." I said rolling off of him and onto my back. Jungkook was now leaning on me, looking at me with worry. "Hannah, oh jeez... you're bleeding!!! Stay here, I'll call the paramedics! Stay with me! Don't die now!" He yelled as he tried to run out of the room, but Jimin caught him so he wouldn't make a big cammoution. Jin extended his hand out, which I gladly took. He looked at my cut closely while I studied his facial features. "Well, it looks like the table got you pretty good. If you hit your head any harder, we would've had to call the paramedics." Jin joked. "I'll go clean her off. You guys go ahead and cut the cake. Just leave us some decent sized pieces." Namjoon said as he covered my wound, making me wince a bit. He carefully led me to the bathroom as he sat me on the toilet as he looked for the first-aid kit. "You know, your more clumsy than I am, and that's really saying something." He laughed. He set the kit on the sink counter and pulled out a cotton swab with achohol. "I really didn't expect to slide into the kitchen like that... I was just kinda hoping to stop at the doorway... ouch!" I said. "Sorry, I'm trying to be as gentle as I can." He apologized. We sat in silence for a good amount of time, besides me making noises every time Namjoon had applied achohol to the cut. "You seem alot happier now." "I'm sorry?" "Since the first day you came here, you wouldn't even talk to anyone. In fact you would lock yourself in you room. When you did come out, you wouldn't even smile, more of look at us in fascination." He said. "Yeah, I guess so. Whatever happened in my past must have traumatized me pretty bad." I laughed. "Is it really worth it then?" Namjoon asked, looking at me with a stern expression. I looked into his eyes trying to read him, to tell if he was playing around.. or if he was serious; but I couldn't read him no matter what.. part of me was saying that he was messing around, another part was saying that he was serious. "I-I want to know about my past, to know what happend to me. Good or bad, I'd like to know. It going to eat away at me if I don't figure it out." I informed. "You'd want to learn, even if it did traumatize you, even when you had amnesia... you're a very interesting girl, Hannah. I'll give you that..." He finished putting the band-aid on my forehead and patted my sholder, "Alright your good to go. C'mon, let's go get some cake." I can never read him, he always makes the strangest moves... he's extremely hard to read. I though. "Hey, ignore what I said... I was just thinking out loud... I didn't mean to scare you." He mumbled. He started walking out of the bathroom, but before I let him out of my sight I ran up to him, and gave him a hug. "You didn't scare me. You're just worring for my safety. Thank you for worring about me, and hey, if I don't feel safe; I know that I have seven great brothers that look after me, so I don't need to worry about anything." I smiled. He wrapped his arm around me and hugged me back, "Well hey, big brothers are supposed to worry about their younger sisters alot." He smiled. "Okay, let's go get some cake!" I pulled him along. I love my seven older brothers... they're the best thing that happend to me.
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This chapter either sounds like the end or the calm before the storm.