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Most of you already know about me, but for those of you new to the community, WELCOME. Let me introduce myself :D I'm Mandy, and every Tuesday I represent the evil cutie Hyuk, and Wednesdays I will be throwing in some fake snapchats and mini imagines. I'm excited for a second quarter with you all. I'm also Mod support for the Uniq community with the lovely @MadAndrea (Check them out sometime if you haven't already ) Some random facts about me: I'm a mom and wife and noona to most of today's groups. I'm multifandom and Bias too many people. My bias in VIXX and one of my Ultimate Biases is Leo. I'm an bookworm, anime and sci fi geek, and a lover of all things DC and Marvel. Let us know a little about you! If you make a card be sure to tag the VIXXENS, or tell us in the comments below.
If there is anything else you are curious about, feel free to ask. I'm an open book!. Let's have a blast again this quarter and make it memorable! *throws hearts to everyone*
Hi Mandy, nice to meet you.
@Helixx awww hello! lol thanks!