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My A/N: This the author's first Bangtan story so they may be a little inexperienced at times but I promise they're working on it. I actually saw this story on Tumblr and it wasn't getting much attention and the author was a total nervous wreck so I'll be posting their work on here for them. They put a lot of effort into this so please go easy on them. I'll let them take over now: A/N: I DON'T OWN ANYTHING IMPORTANT BUT THIS STORY IS STILL MINE SO PLEASE DON'T DO ANYTHING BAD WITH IT PLEASE IT LITERALLY TOOK ME WEEKS TO WRITE THIS OKAY Pairing: Reader X ? Chapters: 1/? Genre: Angst, Gang Au?, Romance, Crime, Mystery, Length: I don't keep track of that lolz XD Rating: M because I like violence and swearing. Like, a lot. Summary: Officer Jeon Jungkook and his partner investigate a case about numerous criminals suddenly being turned in mysteriously. They believe it has something to do with the vigilantes that lurk in the shadows. ( Have no idea if I even did that right but oh well I warned you guys I was kind of dumb :P) XXX Y/N's POV: I loved the cool breeze that brushed across my face each night as I leapt from shadow to shadow. I loved the feeling of invisibility as I hid in the shadows amongst unaware citizens, watching them while they had no idea that I was literally right next to them, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Red was my favorite color. Blood red. It captivated me, the deep but bright color. I loved seeing that color. Especially when it flowed out of my victims and spread out onto the ground in such a unique form. I actually can't believe I haven't been caught yet, especially with how long I stay behind to watch my favorite color spread despite Jin's orders to retreat. Cops are getting dumber these days, I mean seriously, I hate that they give 'suicide' and 'wolves' or 'gangs' credit for my work. These people are way too scared to commit suicide, wolves don't hunt here, and these people aren't worthy of being taken out by gangs. I'm seriously offended. " Y/N hurry up! " Tae whispered from his hiding spot in the trees. " The cops are literally right around the corner!" " What's the point man? You know she's got a thing for watching them bleed. Fucking weirdo if you ask me." Yoongi huffed. " Alright I'm coming, you've already ruined it." I snapped, slipping into the shadows beside them. XXX Nobody's POV: " What do you mean there's nothing?!" Namjoon exclaimed. " I mean, there was nothing! Obviously, he didn't do it himself, but there was no evidence that anyone else was there! " Jimin said. " Yeah, there were no fingerprints or anything useful left behind." Jungkook said more to himself than to anyone in particular. " People don't just get found in alleyways like that without a little help from someone or something. " Namjoon deadpanned. " Well what do you want me to do about? There are no leads and we're still waiting for the guy to get out of the hospital but even then I doubt he'll say anything useful." Jungkook huffed, rolling his eyes and crossing his arms in annoyance. " Then our best chance is to examine the crime scene more closely or try to get the guy to talk sooner. " Namjoon sighed. " We'll only be wasting our time, there's nothing left at the crime scene so we would have to ask around but there's no chance people will actually say anything useful anyway." " Just go check it out again, do whatever helps this investigation but don't do anything stupid, got it?" Namjoon snapped. " Yes sir." XXX " Hey, you don't think this has anything to do with that one creature thing from that fairytale story, do you?" Jimin asked as they hopped into the car. " Listen to yourself, it's a fairytale. Don't be ridiculous, that thing doesn't exist." Jungkook rolled his eyes, pulling out of the parking lot. " Hey, you never know." Jimin shrugged. Jungkook rolled his eyes again at his partner's childish logic but said nothing. " Whatever you say, hyung." Y/N's POV: " You let him get away?!" " Chill Jin, he won't talk." I winced at his harsh tone and refused to make eye contact as I slipped off my gloves. " How the hell can you be so sure?! We are this close to getting caught and you don't seem to give a shit!" Jin screamed, clenching his hands tightly in frustration. " We won't get caught." I snapped coldly. " You know I won't let that happen, Jin. Maybe you can try trusting me for once." " How can I trust you when you let this guy go after he saw what you looked like?! We stay in the shadows, people aren't supposed to know who or what we are or look like! You broke so many rules,Y/N! How the hell am I supposed to trust you anymore?" His words stung, but it wasn't like this was the first time I ever heard those exact words. " Don't fucking worry about, I hit his head hard enough for him to forget. " " Don't be so fucking confident about that, Y/N. You're not a fucking doctor, what if he still fucking remembers?" " I'm confident enough to know that I hit the right goddamn place, will you just fucking trust me on this? What else do you want me to fucking do? You want me to fucking kill him? Will that make you feel better? " I snapped. " You know we don't work like that, Y/N." His voice was quieter this time, but still cold and sharp. " Guys, that's enough." Yoongi's sharp voice cut into the silence like a blade but I couldn't help but feel strangely comforted by it. " He was hit on the head, people won't likely believe anything that'll come out of his mouth after that. " " Yoongi's right. They'll probably think he's just making it up or something. This isn't the first time this has happened and so far nothing has gone wrong. We haven't been caught and we won't be caught." Taehyung said sharply. " But if it pleases your majesty, we'll keep an eye out for him in case he says anything." He said with a sarcastic tone, even giving a little bow at the end and I couldn't help but snicker at the action despite the seriousness of the situation. " Forget it, that's too risky." Jin waved it off. " We do this because it's risky, Jin. " I rolled my eyes. " Also because cops are too useless. If we were worried about being caught then we wouldn't be doing this. We do this to get rid of the assholes in this world that the cops can't get to. " " Besides, the bastard didn't even get a good look at us. I don't even think he really saw us at all. " Tae shrugged. " Don't worry too much, at least we got the mission done. " " You all better hope you're right about this. " Jin pointed a finger at us. " In the meantime, more training. I want to see improvements, make sure this doesn't happen again or we'll have to lay low for a while. And that gives people time to do dumb shit which means more work for us so get to it, ladies." " Dick." Tae muttered as he headed to the training room. I scoffed and followed, Yoongi not far behind. XXX We trained and practiced until we all nearly collapsed. Our muscles ached and we just really wanted to take a nice shower and sleep forever but no. There just had to be another helpless idiot out there getting attacked by some loser on the street and I just had to be the last one out, therefore the only one available to go on the mission. Yoongi and Tae were already either showering or sleeping. Lucky bastards. So now I'm here, about damn ready to pass out from how much this fucking hurts because of how hard training was. And it didn't help that Jin was talking non-stop in the earpiece. " Hurry up, she doesn't have much time left, he's getting really handsy. " " I don't need to know that, Jin. And I'm almost there so just shut up already, maybe if you didn't make us train to death, I would have gotten this done a lot faster. " I rolled my eyes. " Whatever, are you there yet?" " Yes, Jeez. I see them, now don't bother me I'm going. " I rolled my eyes at the sight of a drunk man groping a poor, helpless woman screaming for help and slipped through the shadows to interfere. Since he was already unbalanced, it didn't take much effort to throw him off of the woman and signal for her to run away. I looked back at the drunk man, disappointed that I didn't hit him hard enough to show my favorite color. I was tempted to make him bleed just so I could see the one color that brightened up my shitty days, but decided not to. Jin was already pissed off at me, I didn't need to hear what would happen if I acted on my own again. I could care less about leaving this guy drunk on the streets, but something about him caught my attention. He was way too flashy to be roaming around the streets like this. And he looked way too young, like almost my age. Looking closer, he didn't seem drunk at all. I studied his face and felt my knees go weak at the unexpected amount of beauty. My eyes scanned over his smooth, pale face before trailing down to his cherry red lips parted slightly to reveal a cute set of bunny like teeth. His eyes were closed and I was able to see how long his dark eyelashes settled against his flawless face, his jawline was sharp and I noticed a few piercings in his ears. " Are you done checking him out, now? " Jin's suddenly came over the earpiece and I nearly passed out there and then, my heart nearly leaping out of my chest in shock. " Holy shit! You scared the shit out of me!" I whispered, placing a hand on my chest to calm my racing heart. " Hurry up and get out of there before he sees you, he's waking up!" I looked over and the man was indeed beginning to stir and I moved to escape but something bright caught my attention. I hid deeper in the shadows as I watched him stand up completely, rubbing over the area that I hit earlier. I looked closer to see a bright yellow badge! Shit, he was a police officer! I almost took off again but he pulled out his phone and curiousity got the best of me as I strained to hear the conversation. " Officer Jeon! Are you there?!" Someone on the phone shouted. " What happened?!" " Yeah, I'm here. " His raspy voice rang out in the silent night as he began to rub his head in pain. " Sorry, sir. I couldn't get a good look at them, I wasn't expecting them to strike that quickly. " " Search the area! They could still be there!" The man barked over the phone. Officer Jeon automatically began looking around but kept the man on the line. " And where the hell is Jimin?!" Shit, there was another one?! I hadn't noticed anyone else earlier but there was no way I was taking any chances now. " Y/N, get out of there!" Jin shouted through the earpiece. I slowly started backing further into the shadows before I felt myself crash into a solid object. I jumped back to go another way but was surprised when a pair of arms wrapped around my wrist and kept me back. " Jeon, I got one!" A deep voice rumbled from behind me and I realized that I might have just met Jimin. Officer Jeon's head shot up to peer into the darkness before he started running towards us, reaching for a flashlight. Panic rose in my chest but I pushed it down and acted on instinct, spinning around to twist his arm behind his back and kicking him forward before continuing my escape. " Don't let them get away!" Their shouts echoed behind me and their flashlights lit up the narrow alleyway but none of thier lights shining on me as I escaped. Sneaking one last glance back, I saw Officer Jeon, a shorter man with bright red hair who I suspected was Jimin, and the woman from earlier, before turning away and running back to base, making sure I wasn't followed on the way. XXX " What the Hell were you doing?!" Jin screamed at me as soon as I walked into the room. " It was a set up! You let me walk into a fucking trap! They were cops, all of them! " I shouted furiously. " Guys, you're being so loud." Tae whined, shuffling out of his room and rubbing his eyes tiredly and I resisted the urge to laugh at how childish he looked. Instead, I ignored him and turned back to JIn. " They knew we were going to show up and had people waiting! I almost got caught back there and you didn't even warn me that there was someone in the alley waiting for me to bump into them so they could catch me?!" " I told you several times to get out of there but you didn't listen!" " You didn't tell me they were fucking cops! " " How the Hell was I supposed to fucking know they were cops?!" " Aish, what the Hell is going on?" Yoongi growled, suddenly appearing at the doorway. " They were still wearing their fucking badges, you should have known something was up! Did you even look at the CCTV before sending me there?" " Wait, wait! What the Hell is happening?" Yoongi cut in, annoyed at not being answered. " You were the one bitching about us getting caught earlier but you practically just gave us away! One of them grabbed me, Jin! What if he saw me?! We've never left any clues behind before but now one of them has a pretty good idea at what we might be like!" Tired of arguing, I didn't wait for an answer before storming off to my room. XXX " Y/N?" There was a small knock on the door a few seconds after I slammed it shut before Taehyung's tiny voice voice came through the door. " What the Hell do you want?" I snapped, instantly feeling guilty for my cold behavior towards him. " I really hate to bring this up after all that, but you know me, Y/N...I'm curious." He pouted and I sighed, giving in and plopping down on my bed, patting the spot next to me to signal for him to sit. " Jin sent me on a last minute mission after training because you guys were already asleep. " He immediately looked down in guilt and I placed a hand on his arm to comfort him. " Anyway, I found out almost too late that it was a trap and barely escaped. One of them grabbed me and I panicked but got out. Tae, this is the first time we've made a mistake. I- I'm kind of worried. " He said nothing but pulled me in for a hug, lightly petting my hair and I relaxed in his arms as he slowly rocked back in forth slightly. " You poor thing, it must have hurt like hell to go on a mission after all that training." He whispered, continuing rocking back and forth while petting my hair. "And don't worry about this, we do this because we're not afraid of getting caught, right? We do this for the risks? Don't back out on your own words, Y/N. " He teased, whispering more comforting words as I began to drift off to sleep in his arms. Nobody's POV " You're telling me that I sent three of you out and not one of you caught at least one of them?" Namjoon closed his eyes and rubbed his temples in frustration. " Sorry, sir. They got away before we could get a good look. " Jungkook bowed. " Jimin was able to grab one momentarily before they got away. " " And where the Hell were you?" " Unfortunately, I wasn't expecting them to come so soon and one of them knocked me out instantly." Jungkook looked down in shame and bit his lip. " You were trained to be ready for anything. You are supposed to be our top officers and you can't catch at least one person? How skilled could they possibly be that three top officers can't catch anything, gather no clues or evidence?" " We're sorry, sir. I wasn't expecting to get knocked out so fast, it won't happen again." " It better not." XXX " What are you thinking about, Jeon?" Jimin looked up at his partner who seemed deep in thought. " I don't get it. " Jungkook furrowed his brows in confusion and stared at the floor, thinking hard. " Get what?" " I was trained to handle mulitple hits and injuries like that but how did they know the exact spot to hit to knock me out?" " Well, considering how many criminals that are caught because of them, I would assume that they are pretty skilled. At least, skilled enough to take down one puny officer like you." Jimin snickered. " Hey, watch who you're talking to. You may be older, but we all know that I'm more capable than you, shorty." " Hey, you don't need to rub it in. Everyone knows you're the best of the best, which makes it more embarrassing to be second to a younger person." " Whatever, we'll definitely be ready for them next time." A/N: This is my first story in this fandom so please go easy on me and also please don't do anything bad with it, I worked hard on this for literally weeks before finally finishing just one paragraph. This story took a lot of effort and I would appreciate if it was treated well. I uploaded this story on some other accounts but it was always different each time and I literally edited this story about ten times on like six different accounts, so it's been a lot of work trying to figure this out but I will try my best in future chapters and other work. Wish me luck! Also, I will warn you ahead of time, I am a bad updater so you need to know that...but try not to forget my stories and I promise to write decent future chapters! Ask to be tagged or untagged, sorry if I spelled anything wrong!- @NyKeaKing @ShinoYuki @katyng52 @AlexisCortez @twistedPuppy @lovelikematoi @firstladyofaomg @resavalencia
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