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Hello! Mere here :) For those who are very familiar with Astro, know that they are a very talented and adorable group! And like every kpop group, each member is special in their own way! For those who don't know Astro please check out their debut album "Spring Up" and their new recent 2nd mini album "summer vibes" I'm sure you'll fall in love with them all :D
Here is the beautiful happy virus, MJ! His big adorable smiles will seriously make your heart melt. If you end up staring at that smile for too long, you may find it very contagious :3
This boy seriously can't get even cuter than this! I may be wrong on that so don't take my word for it
MJ always manages to have this facial expression when he's singing. His expressions shows that he's in character and can actually feel the emotion in it, giving off a good vibe to the audience. I personally love seeing this in an idol or musician.
Let's end this card with a few photos that MJ has been taken for photo shoots. Which by the way he looks great in!
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These boys are so wonderful. MJ is my bias :3