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now a days we tend to Focus more on the main stream... not like before that we're, the one's who will pick our own thing to. watch in are own, so for those good old days,for 90s kids out there it's time to be reminded, of your own childhood anime that you would give up a day of school to watch that anime, we all do feel the same way,
darker than black. it would be a trip if we can just be a contractor
zenki. I was watching this for the first time when I was 5.
this one it's been a while now I do remember this I started watching when I was 7 at the time.
ahhh damn it.. now I remember it's called monster rancher. it's actually a game first before it went to be an anime nor vice versa...
fruit basket... high school time.. at the same time of being brokenhearted to a 3rd year upperclassmen.
Alice academy.. I really want them to continue this anime cause I just had a wonderful time watching this me and my auntie used to watch this everyday
I really loved this one its one of my favorite anime. full metal panic all of it.
of course it should be on the list right? shaman king any one?
who didn't fell for this one flame of recca.. if you don't then your childhood isn't quite awesome
if ya haven't seen a trailer or had a glimpse of all the series of gundam mobile suit.
this one I guess a lot of you have seen this but when it's first lunched dang I didn't review for my exams cause I was busy watching this plus it's really a gold piece of work.
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I wouldn't call some old school yet until they turn about 20 or so some are only about 10 some more some less
@tayhar18920 it's true well one thing too it's but us though
Shaman King and Flame of Recca!! Zoids. Voltron. Thundercats. Silverhawks. Lol. I feel old....
@LadyLuna hahahahahaha I missed that thundercsts.
Completely forgot about Vandread cause its been so long