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Ch. 8
Monday morning Shin and Takuya are walking to school; they are so absorbed in their conversation they don’t notice Casper creeping up behind them.
“Hello ladies.” Casper says as he jumps in between them.
“Hey man.” Shin said as he turned his face towards Casper about to punch him. Casper tries to hide behind Takuya.
“Hey don’t use me as cover, you know I’m powerless when it comes to Shin.” Takuya said, Shin smiled at Takuya’s response.
“So it is true, you guys are dating how long and why didn’t I know?” Casper asks Shin as he folds his arms across his chest. Shin just smiles.
“You never asked, and plus we’re keeping our relationship a secret. So please don’t tell anyone.” Shin asks. Casper nods his head.
“Of course, I would never repeat a secret you know that Shin.” Casper replies.
“Hey guys good morning.” Seyoung said, Yongseok was trailing behind him talking with Sangmin. Yongseok kept stealing glances at Seyoung what he didn’t know was Seyoung knew it and would do the same.
“Hey Sangmin can we talk?” Yongseok asks. Sangmin and Yongseok are best friends. Yongseok feels he can talk to Sangmin about anything.
“Sure man what’s up?” Sangmin responds waiting for Yongseok to talk.
“I think I like someone.” Yongseok starts. Sangmin’s eyes grow wide and he gets closer.
“Oh really, who’s the lucky girl?” Sangmin asks. Yongseok clears his throat.
“It’s not a girl.” Yongseok waits for Sangmin’s response, praying he didn’t freak out or anything, the waiting seemed like it was an eternity.
“Oh, who’s the lucky guy?” Sangmin asks. Yongseok looks surprised by Sangmin’s calm question. That’s when Yongseok points towards Seyoung. Sangmin follows Yongseok’s finger and see’s Seyoung laughing and talking with Casper, Shin, and Takuya.
Sangmin turns back to Yongseok. “Have you told him how you feel?” he asks. Yongseok shakes his head quickly.
“No, for one I’m not sure if this is just a phase or if it’s something more.” Yongseok replies.
“How are you going to know if you don’t tell him and date to find out?” Sangmin asks.
“You know you’re taking this really well, I thought you would be repulsed by it.” Yongseok said.
“No, I have no problems, not everyone is as close minded as you think ya know, this is the 21st century after all.” Sangmin said.
“But when did you start feeling this way?” Sangmin asked.
“About eight months or so. We kissed. I initiated it. But it’s only because girls were chasing him.” Yongseok confesses. Sangmin smiles at him and just wraps his arm around his shoulder.
“After that, we had a few other instances where we had to pretend to be together, but every time it happened I would feel something and I didn’t want to stop.” Yongseok continues explaining his feelings.
“Talk to him, at least tell him what your feeling, maybe he can help you understand or maybe he feels the same way about you and you guys can date, just like Shin and Takuya.” Sangmin said.
“Wait how did you know; they were dating?” Yongseok asks. Sangmin bows his head.
“I saw them kissing by accident I put two and two together.” Sangmin confesses.
“Well, keep it a secret okay.” Yongseok said. Sangmin nods his head.
“Hey guys what are you two talking about being so cozy.” Seyoung had a pouty face as he walked up towards Sangmin and Yongseok. Yongseok wanted to kiss those pouty lips, he quickly shook his head to erase those thoughts.
“Nothing.” Yongseok replies as he moves away from Sangmin and Seyoung. Seyoung looks at Sangmin.
“What’s his problem?” Seyoung asks.
“Do you still love him Seyoung?” Sangmin asks. Seyoung nodded his head.
“Yes, I fear I will love him forever. It’s torture. And after having the experiences of kissing I think I’m doomed to be unhappy forever.” Seyoung places his hand over his mouth, looking shocked at Sangmin because that wasn’t supposed to be known to anyone other than Seyoung and Yongseok. Sangmin just smiles and pats Seyoung’s back.
“Don’t lose hope man.” Sangmin said.
Class seemed to go on forever, however there was one moment after class was over where it was fun. Casper was having fun with Miss. Kim.
“Miss. Beautiful how are you doing today? Casper asks as he places his hands on his face with his elbows on the podium.
“Casper, that’s not my name.” Miss. Kim replied.
“Are you sure? I think your wrong.” Casper replies with a wink.
“Come on Casanova.” Shin pulls Casper away from the teacher.
“Ugh, come on man. She’s warming up to me I know it.” Casper said as he was leaving more like being shoved out of the classroom by Shin. Takuya stayed behind.
“I’m sorry about him, he’s crazy.” Takuya said to Miss. Kim. Miss. Kim shakes her head.
“No it’s okay, he’s just young.” She replied. “How is your mother? I would like to come by and visit her, would that be okay?” Miss. Kim asks. Takuya nods his head.
“Yeah, she’ll love that, since moving it’s just been us and I don’t know if she’s made any female friends at work yet. She doesn’t talk much about work.” Takuya admits.
“Let’s have dinner Friday.” Miss. Kim said. Takuya nods his head and smiles.
“Sure thing. See you tomorrow teacher.” Takuya said as he waved bye and walked out of the room.
Miss. Kim walked to the window and watched as the high school students were leaving for home. Her eyes caught Casper goofing off with his friends, being loud and obnoxious. She couldn’t help but laugh at his antics.
“If only he wasn’t a student. Then maybe.” Miss. Kim said to herself.
Takuya and Shin were walking home, Yongseok was with them.
“So Yongseok, I’m sorry but I kinda overheard your conversation with Sangmin.” Takuya stated. Yongseok looks at Takuya with wide shocked eyes.
“What?” Yongseok asks with a squeaky voice, he clears his throat.
“Let me give you some advice, if you’re already thinking about them this much, you’ve already fallen for them, so the next step is being a couple without regrets.” Takuya said. Shin looked at the two of them confused as to the situation.
“Okay, thanks for the tip Takuya.” Yongseok smiles at Takuya.
“Did I miss something? I feel like I’m missing something? I hate not being involved. Someone explain?” Shin started to whine, Takuya and Yongseok just shook their heads at Shin and stuck their tongues out at him.
“We aren’t talking about you, don’t worry bro.” Yongseok said. Shin just pouts.
“Oh come on, don’t be a baby.” Takuya said.
“I’m your baby.” Shin said with a smile as he laid his head on Takuya’s shoulder nuzzling into his neck. Takuya chuckles.
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