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Mike Will Made It has announced that Miley Cyrus will rap on his upcoming single, which also features Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa. ........wat other times her name has been mentioned: -twerking both in music videos and juicy j concerts...plz stop -ashtrays and heartbreaks with snoop lion...nuff said -we get it, tyler the creator, you're ironic please don't encourage miley as a featuring artist -jay z, is this what you have come to, referencing miley on your album that was literally on display next to the magna carta then again, miley must be really trill if she's cool with all of these guys, so props
lol I love this GIF
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lol.. oh noo..
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it is so nice how accurate you can read his lips xD
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@leecatlee i think JayZ mentioning Miley in his song is more of a sarcasm other than a shout outXD
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I feel like this whenever her name is mentioned period.
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