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if the person doesn't let other person talk to opposite sex it's really mean and no one should be treated like that. people must breath sometimes u know. being in relationships it's doesn't mean staying in jail. relationship has their own freedom . what if to put a person to a room with 4 walls. how long this person will servive? not long .right. we all have our choices in life and if someone treats u like that. not letting talk to other people. it's not cause he/ she loves u, he / she putting u in jail in this relationships which will not last long or will turn to a syko. I'm not talking about freedom which is going to chit one someone and sleep with someone. I'm talking about freedom where both people respect each other. in relationships ppl must feel that they are flying not dying...
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Oh Yes! In a relationship You must feel and know that you're growing, flying and living, NOT stationary, not shrinking and not dying.