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@JordanShuler 😂😂 Don't even get me started with VIXX! My bias changed like 3 times in that group. I've been a fan of VIXX, and Block B, since debut and first Hyuk was my bias but then Hongbin was like nope I'm gonna be her bias but then Leo was like alright Hongbin you've had enough it's my turn as her bias! And he's been my bias ever since then lol
@xoxorittie I know that feeling lol. My main bias in Vixx used to be Ken until Ravi came through and was like, nah thats not happening, I'm wrecking your whole bias list and taking my place as UB. That was before I found out about Block B, but them Ukwon wrecked it all😂
@JordanShuler My main bias used to be B-Bomb but well Zico was like screw your organized list I'm taking over first and messing everything up! Ever since then I've been trying to reorganize it and it's just not working and it's been years haha It definitely was a struggle choosing a bias in Block B
@xoxorittie I know right! I had the hardest time trying to pick a main bias with Block B
Zico's my main bias but I really love U-Kwon and Taeil. It's so hard to have just 1 bias in Block B!