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Since I don't post enough about these losers I thought I'd dedicate a lovely spam to them!


all comments made in this card are lies.....I hate this group.....more than life....honestly so don't believe anything I say haha

so please enjoy and try not to die


my little ์›์Šน์ด frog.too adorable for words and absolutely hilarious. this kid is my baby of the group....even though we are the same age he is my baby angel I must protect with my life. I mean look at that face...he's too cute for words....


do not be fooled by this face. he may seem sweet cute adorable.....but this boy is lowkey the biggest savage on the planet (not as savage as jin young but close) I swear this kid is my spirit animal in the group he's just too perfect


my beautiful angel. the man that could do no wrong. with a voice sweeter than life itself. he's just the most perfect angel ever. and very very very very ultra super beautiful too beautiful for his own good.


hahahaha. this guy here.....this is where the card takes a truthful turn...let me tell you about this human. 1 I hate him more than the world even knows....why ....because he's way too perfect , he's the biggest most beautiful dork on the planet....and I hate him. just look at him he's such a loser ... dude offends me 24/7 he needs to chill out


saved the biggest loser for last. this kid.....well This man really needs help. and needs to stop trying to ruin my life... never gonna work so nice try buddy ol pal. seriously who does this man think he is.....he just walks around like him owns the place and tries to kill me left and right...um no and in no way , shape or form do I find this human attractive....psshh please he wishes *looks around to make sure jihun didn't here* hahaha what a loser right

hope you guys enjoyed this spam.....even though it consisted of a bunch of losers....especially a certain duo who shall remain nameless *cough**cough**jihun**seungjun**cough*

I loved it. those men are out taking souls. YouJin stile mine at first glance. love these dorks
@StefaniTre yes yes they are ....taking souls with no mercy whatsoever and youjin gets me every now and then but seungjun and jihun kill me