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What's Up, Deli Boy!?

Welcome To The Very First Zico Sunday!

I Really Hope that you enjoy this Card.

Seriously, This Boy! I Don't Know how to Handle Him sometimes...

His Sexiness, his Eyes, His Perfect Skin, and Most of all...

His derp Faces! I Can't Get enough of his Funny Derp Faces!

Okay Zico, Enough, That's Creepy!

and Most of all, I am a Sucker for his Adorable Aegyo!

What's Not to Love about him?

This Is Our Badass Rapper Zico!

(Oops, Wrong Gif!)

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@Kitty17 sure. 🤗
a year ago·Reply
god I love this man so much
a year ago·Reply
tag me please
a year ago·Reply
Lmao the last gif
a year ago·Reply
I want to be tagged. And if you make a Zico taglist count me in!!!
a year ago·Reply