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Hello again, glad to be gracing your screen this fine afternoon.
Let's see how I'm going to get emotional on this day's challenge!
What do I love about each member?
To properly gather your attention, I will be sharing my thoughts through poetry~
He's really cool,
Quite a fool,
One with sexy eyes.
But when he raps,
And when he sings,
He's just a dork in disguise.
With style and smile,
Painted with edge,
He sings with the voice
Of an angel.
Old and smol,
A thug above all,
His perfect existence is painful
B for Bae,
And he is the Bomb,
A playful devil,
Dancing swan,
Lively soul,
A fashion goal,
He is the sunlight,
Many people don't see,
Who shines so brightly,
He's almost a dream,
Voice an instrument,
Strung like silk,
I saw him for a second
And spewed out my milk.
Yu Kwon, more like You Know
His pitch is high,
His dances flow
A bunny and fox,
Both at once,
He totally rocks,
And shines like suns.
Mischief in his eyes,
Innocent, playful lies,
A grin that beams
And laugh that seems
Like its own music,
Park is common, but
He's not like other guys.
Give him your time,
And he'll make it worth,
His eyes leer,his lips smirk.
A prince full of love,
Foolish, and fun.
His game's to capture your heart,
And he definitely won.
My level of creativity rapidly fluctuated in the midst of creating this card. But I do hope so my feelings were noticeable! :D!
This card also took a grossly long time and now I should engross in ice cream and a book, like the proper antisocial being I am.
See you tomorrow!
My beautiful Honey B Squad~
Fellow BBCs~
Stay Frosty~
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YOU FOOL! I WAS JUST ABOUT TO UPLOAD A CARD! Well it doesn't have anything to do with Block B tho to be honest. I'm just surprised you're alive. Cool beans... I mean face.... I mean card. Goddamnit.
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This was such a great card! I wish I could write as well as you! It flowed so well!!
a year agoΒ·Reply
@TheEnlightment Long evening, I started this card before noon and just finished, so I'm almost dead. You're cool face too. @swarrier16 Thanks so much! I tried haha, but I am glad you like it!
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these were so great πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ‘ and fitting as well great job
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