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This is the last day to join my team representing Mr. Aegyo: Jooheon!!! I will continue to accept those who would love to be a part of this kuku-kaka team until 11P.M. CDT.
Oh hi cute. lawd Fellow Joohoneys: ☆@SimplyAwkward ☆@Sammie99522 ☆@TerraToyaSi ☆@resavalencia ☆@Miichi ☆@twistedPuppy ☆@mszmarclyne93 ☆@JaxomB This isn't the final roll call, just what sits for now. Again, if you would like to join just comment down below. :)
His true self. lol Don't you just ♡ him?
I wanted to do a Kakao chat or Line so that we may discuss more in details about our plans to win this competition. jaja
You are welcomed to find me on these medias or send me a DM with your ID for either Kakao/Line and whichever has the most is where we shall have our brainstorming.
Kakao: Borinica22
Line: borinica
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I don't have either...
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@JaxomB 😢😢😢 you can download it to your computer if you don't want it on your cell
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~goes to download LINE~
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Okay. I'm terrats on LINE. Do we have a group set up? These other teams are starting. Where we at?
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