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2. What do you love about each member?


I love his ability to rise to the occasion. He is one of the strongest leaders out there, and I'm proud of him for accomplishing so much. I also love his aegyo and silly faces!


Where do I begin with Kyung? He is definitely the moodmaker of the group, and is such a goofball. He is not afraid to speak his mind and get things done. His smile is a bonus :)


This big baby is absolutely adorable. I love his unique voice, which is a little on the rough side. He may say he has no aegyo, but do not be fooled. He has the cutest aegyo ever!


Definitely one of the members who caught my eye first. An amazing dancer with charm, and he is one of those people who always rock whatever they're wearing. He seriously looks good in everything!


A precious ball of sunshine. His smile is just so beautiful, and I love his unique voice as well. On top of that, a great dancer and unofficial visual. He rocks everything that comes his way, including hairstyles and clothing.


He may be the oldest hyung, but he is the baby of the group. I love that he isn't afraid to be cute, but at the same time is true to himself. I like that he is proud of his tattoos, even though they are kind of taboo in the environment he works in.


I like that Jaehyo is self-confident. He isn't afraid of showing off his body. He is also really funny, and has one of those laughs that are contagious.

3. Do you have any other biases?

I had mentioned in an earlier card that my bias was U-Kwon. I do in fact have other biases. I love the whole group, but there are a few members that stand out a little more to me.


My silly goofball <3


B-Bomb pls stop with the tongue


He is so cute but badass at the same time
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