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Omo, omo, omo... watch it 주세요!! Seventeen must have known I was chosen as the Q3 moderator for them because they even counted in Spanish in the beginning!!!ahhhhh.. Fair Warning...I may have went overboard making this card...just saying.


wahhhhhg....running everywhere at work!! Don't tell me to keep calm because I won't. Save me.
Le feels....
Some screenshots from their Comeback Live chat on the V App.
S.Coups was great...So sad I couldn't get Woozi...he beat his leader too for that game. :D
They feelings about this song plus repackaged album (some of them).
Le link of the V App live chat...well worth seeing in my opinion.
Wait does Jeonghan wear extensions in the music video? Cause his hair is long in the MV but short in the live
I watched the minute after it dropped and omg it's amazing! I even watched the whole live chat this morning. They are honestly too much! But I can't help but love them! ❤️
@IWuvKpop jaja it has to be..bc for the pic from kcon ny it was short lol
@CLAKPOP right...I actually enjoyed their live chat. It was just simple and adorable but Woozi and scoups with that game jaja. and seungkwan was too much. I'm glad you enjoy them as well. yay