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Who: Readerx Park Chanyeol What: Action/ Romance (Mature content) Some guest appearances by BTS and GOT7 Chapter 9 Story: In a post apocalyptic world, you lead a rescue mission to save your older brother Junmyeon from the clutches of Baekhyun the Light King. With the help of your commrads you lead a rebellion that will hopefully bring this tyrant King to his knees.
Baekhyun's POV Yixing was walking behind her making sure she made her way over to me. Jongin stood in the arms of Yugyeom, eye swollen and beaten up. Her eyes shifted to him sympathy filling them. I had to keep my composure but I hated how she could look at him like that and when we finally met again after three years she looked at me with disgust. Yugyuem had reported around the time that we captured Junmyeon that he'd seen Jongin in the dark city. I told him to keep an eye on him only to have him finally report, when he showed up, that Jongin was secretly passing information back and forth to the rebels. That's how she had the upper hand on me for so long. I ended up changing the plan on how to lure her out by using Jongin instead. Yugyeom had done a number on him far more than I needed him too but it was enough to get her out here. She stopped in front of me looking at me with instant hate. "Let Yixing heal him." she said. "Now why would I do that beautiful?" "Baekhyun," her voice was rough calling my name but as she finished her sentence it got softer. "please just do it." That face I couldn't help but feel weak to. I nodded at Yixing and he moved to Jongin healing his wounds. Jongin still had his collar on and was unable to teleport so after being healed he stood up and looked at Y/N like he was so sorry he messed up. Y/N kept her eyes on me, which was what I wanted. My other guards clamped the collar around her neck and I held my hand out to her. She looked at it and hesitated but then grabbed it. I quickly walked back into the Estate with her by my side. Taking her to a cell below, I made sure only Yixing had followed us. However, even I made him stay outside the sealed cell. I tossed her into the cell making her stumble. She ended up catching her balance and leaned herself against the wall, defeat in her eyes. "You really don't have a plan? What, is the ever so calculating Y/N finally out of good ideas, power, smart-ass comebacks?" "You killed my parents, your men murdered my friend. I done fighting with you, it's just not worth it anymore." She spoke lowly. I didn't like that she looked so defeated, that wasn't like her. I was still suspicious of her, "Y/N you're planning something. I'm not stupid." "I'm done. If you're going to kill me just do it. Or lock me up in this cell and leave me to go insane. I don't care anymore. I can't keep losing people." she said. That pissed me off too, I wasn't the one that did this to her was I? She was the Phoenix, she controlled fire, she was stubborn. She was planning something she had to be. "You went to the Bear Kingdom, you had to have done something there's no way you don't have a plan." "You think I'd let you capture me a second time to pull the same plan? I'm not stupid, besides you know Yoongi especially when he's in hibernation. The bastard." she said annoyed at the end. She slid down the wall her shirt slightly lifting above her stomach. She brought her knees into her chest and had tears trail down her face. I moved up to her carefully not sure if this was still a trick or not. I knelt down and went to touch her face but she swatted my hand away. I gave her a small smile, that was more like her still, warring against me even when she claimed to have given up. "How did we end up like this?" she said burying her head in her arms. I placed a hand on top of her head, and kissed it. I went in my pocket and pulled out the ring that matched mine, the same one she'd thrown at me when she confronted me about cheating. I made her look up at me, lifting her chin slowly. When she saw the ring, her breath hitched in shock that I still had it. I showed her the one on my hand, "Haven't stopped wearing this since you gave it to me." I said. That seemed to make her cry more, I slipped her ring on her finger and leaned in to kiss her. Her lips were soft and inviting, they always had been. She tested my strength often when we were dating so when I finally had her I was never able to hold back despite me cheating on her. I deepned the kiss and she sighed into it then instantly regretted it because she pulled me away, "No." She said weakly wiping her tears. "I thought you were done fighting me." "It doesn't change what you've done. I can't just go falling into your arms." She looked away. I leaned into her, my lips softly grazing her neck, I could hear her release a small whimper. She wanted me still, she had to. I spoke in a teasing voice, "You like it when I touch you though." My hand slowly trailed up her leg and she grabbed onto my shoulders, squeezing her eyes shut. I began to suck on her neck while my hand reached up her shirt, I could hear her moan as I kissed her neck line and played with her breast underneath her shirt. "Stop." she fought back. It was far too late for her to resist me though I could tell as I let her hand grip me between my jeans. I bit my lip letting her feel me up. "You missed me I know you did. I missed you so much beautiful. I miss that sexy voice when you're turned on. Be a good girl and stop resisting me." She reached her breaking point to resist and began to stroke me through my jeans. She had gotten better from what I was feeling, it was getting hard to concentrate. "Shit we can't do this down here." I said pulling her up. I had forgotten why I even brought her down here. I dragged her along with me to the elevator instructing Yixing to take the next one back up and make sure no one came to my room. Once we got in the elevator I pressed her against the wall, my hand trailing down her body and traveling down her pants to rub her clit. "Ah, Baekhyun." she moaned in surprise. She began to grind her ass against my hardness, making it harder than it already was. "Stop baby you have to wait for that." She didn't stop and continued to moan as I continued rubbing circles between her legs. I slapped her butt getting her to jolt forward and stop moving. Her excited moan coming out louder than the ones she released before. That was something new, I noted turning her around and pressing my fingers against her lips, "Why don't you have a taste?" She gave me an annoyed look but opened her mouth allowing my fingers access. Her tongue swirling around and sucking lightly, tasting herself. Her gaze never left mine as she did, turning me on more. Slowly, I pulled my fingers from her mouth and leaned in to kiss her, biting her bottom lip and sucking till it was swollen. The way our tongues mingled I could tell she was ready for me to take her. The elevator doors finally opened up and I dragged her along with me into my room. I closed the door behind me instantly pulling off her shirt and taking off her bra before pushing onto the bed. "Hands up beautiful." I demanded. She lifted her hands above her head and I tied them up so she couldn't move. I removed her pants and unbuttoned mine before I knelt down in front of her. "This wet already, have you missed me that much?" I said teasing. I dipped my head down allowing my tongue to flick past her clit once then twice and three times, each time getting her to cry out. I pushed a finger inside her hooking it and twisting around causing her back to arch and her moans to echo through the room. "Oh Fuck yes Y/N let them hear you." I changed the pace of how I licked her from quick to slow multiple times getting her to nearly scream out loud. I pushed two more fingers inside her my pace never increasing. "Baekhyun." she called, her voice oozing with lust. "Yes baby?" "Please... come inside me." she said through pants. I chuckled at her and stood up, "Anything you say beautiful." I had disrobed completly with my erection peeking at her entrance. I rubbed myself against her hearing her cries before I inched the tip inside her. She was biting her lip and it was all over her face that she wanted me to go deeper. She had tried to move her hands but they were tied above her. Seeing her go insane like this, was hot, she rolled her hips against me urging me to come inside. She needed me to go deeper. I leaned over her taking her nipple into my mouth and slamming into her hips at the same. She yelled, at first in pain, then pleasure quickly taking over. "Fuck, Baekhyun." "You like how I'm fucking you Baby?" I coaxed. "Faster." she begged. As if on cue I slammed into her faster, the sound of flesh on flesh contact filling the room. Her loud moans increasing, her arms tensing up being unable to move in her bounds. I twisted her on her side bringing her leg on my shoulder and began thrusting again. "Fuck, don't stop." she screamed. I could feel her tighten around me while my hand reached to fondle her breast. I bit down on my own lip as I was coming closer to my climax, "Shit. I'm close Baek." she whined through my thrusts. "I know baby I feel it, just let go." I pushed in deeper and harder than before, now pushing her leg off of me and lifting her hips. It wasn't long after that her body began to shake and she cried out in her orgasm sparking mine to come straight after. "Fuck, Y/N you're so beautiful." I said still pumping into her making sure everything spilled out inside. She looked back at me with sleepy eyes, and I untied her, her hands coming down to her body as she whispered, "I love you." I smiled and whispered back, "I love you too." She fell asleep soon after. I went to get some tissues to clean her up then joined her in bed. She was back in my arms where she belonged. Y/N's POV I had spent the next three days in Baekhyun's custody. It was finally the day of the Kingdom's rally and everyone was coming in. Yoongi, Bam bam, Namjoon, Jungkook, and of course the Light King himself, Baekhyun. Baekhyun had made sure I was in his sights at all times, even though we had slept together for the next few nights he didn't trust that I didn't have something up my sleeve, not that he was wrong; I played my part pretty well though. I was able to locate the box, it was sitting on his shelf just like I had seen in the vision. Yoongi already knew the plan and the signal that would begin everything but it was still up to me to get Baekhyun to use his light power along with me. The only way I could do that was taking back the sorrow he had taken in. From the legend, Pandora was the one to put it back in the box and from what that scroll revealed to me, the Phoenix was the original Pandora. The key to its immortal life was the guarantee that the sorrows would be released again and taint the world, leaving the Phoenix to burn out everything that was tainted in each cycle. The Phoenix never learned that not everyone has to be destroyed in order to cleanse the world. Yixing just had to get the key to unlock my collar so I could use the Phoenix's power. I still wasn't that great at using the Phoenix's powers but things had felt a little more stable with my normal powers ever since I received that stone. I knew I could count on the guys to get things done but I was worried about Tao. When I had last seen him, he was in the infirmary recovering from his head wound he'd gotten in the plane crash. He said he could do it but I only felt like he was agreeing because he thought he had too. He always took on things silently without ever complaining. I just hoped I wasn't putting more stress on his body. I was at peace since I had admitted I loved Baekhyun. To be honest, I did still love him at least the person he used to be and understanding that he was corrupted by the sorrows helped me admit it. Still, it didn't change that he did kill my parents. Things wouldn't be the same especially since I had ended up breaking my rule with Chanyeol. Somewhere along the lines I fell in love with him, I was allowing myself to fall to the temptation of other men for three years but Chanyeol became more than a physical addiction. I fell in love with him, though I hadn't said it yet. He was more protective of me during the three years we hooked up so on some level I had always known he was growing feelings for me I just didn't want to admit I had them for him. Chanyeol took care of me though and he was the one to save me and make sure everyone listened to me even if he didn't like the plans that used me as bait. Just like he didn't like this plan, he didn't even know the actual plan. Everyone else believed that I was going to shut down the reactor core at the center of the city. In reality, I wasn't going to shut it down I was going to use it to hit all the kingdom's. Yixing was the only person besides myself that knew of this plan. Not even Junmyeon could know because this plan was high risk and the consequences for what I was going to do was a price too high for him to be willing to pay. Their emotions were going to cloud their judgement and even Yixing had told me not to do it but he could clearly see I would do it anyway. Baekhyun had entered the room and came to me, his hand wrapping around the back of my head and him kissing the top of it before saying, "Hello beautiful." His normal greeting to me and the one most familiar. I gave him a small smile and then he leaned over to my ear whispering, "Get undressed." His voice made me shiver and I could feel his tongue lick my ear then take a quick nibble from my earlobe before he pulled back. I complied because I had to but had this been Chanyeol I can imagine myself teasing him telling him to make me. I began to take off my shirt and pants leaving me just in my bra and underwear. He came back with a short black dress that frankly looked kind of slutty. He had provided me with clothes for the past few days and I only assumed that the dress was for the Kingdom's meeting. "When I make you my Queen, you'll have everything." he said. I took the dress from him simply nodding my head in response, a knock came at the door and Baekhyun called for who ever it was to enter. Yixing came walking in; his eyes catching me in my underwear then shifting them away as he spoke. "Your guests have arrived." "Thank you we'll be there in a moment." "Yes my king." He said before turning around and walking out. He left the door open which was fine since my dress was already on and no one was on this floor anyway. Baekhyun turned to me and offered me his arm which I took and we headed for his grand hall. We walked into a room with a large round table and the Kings of their kingdoms siting at it. Each had a specific guard by them. Baekhyun had Yixing, Namjoon had Jin from what I remember. Jungkook had Jimin. Yoongi had Youngjae with him this time rather than Jaebum and Bam bam had Hoseok. The guards all stood at attention as I walked in with Baekhyun. We sat down and I looked to all of the men surrounding me. Namjoon had white hair now and when his eyes landed on me he smiled showing his dimples. I smiled back at him, he had such a handsome face. Namjoon had a wide spread of land just as much as yoongi but his was the richest Kingdom between us all, Jungkook was the second richest because of his resources. He had fuels, water and a variety of different animals and plants to which he always had amazing foods to sell. Yoongi was the third, his population was bigger and despite him being the Lazy Bear King he was well loved by his people. They weren't held under such strict laws but every law that was passed was thoroughly enforced. They had a more traditional life it wasn't so cluttered like a city would be. Closest to his Kingdom was a bustling city, but it was the only one that existed in his Kingdom. Like I said he had a wide spread territory so despite the large population everything looked like a country side. Baekhyun's Kingdom was next in line for riches and then it was Bam Bam. He had the smallest kingdom but his men were well trained and diligent. Their collective intelligence was higher than any other Kingdom that existed for the past fifty years. Bam Bam had access to ancient secrets and magics that he kept locked away. Most people believed it was a lie or a myth to make people fear him since there was no real proof he had anything but that was the point. The men started talking, going straight to business as always as I sat there and watched them speak away. I had tuned them out for the most part just sort of analyzing their features till my signal came. A powerful gust of wind came to the window making everyone look up. I sported a confused face staring at the window, Baekhyun looked to me then called Yixing to go check it out. He opened the curtain to the window and outside was a fierce blizzard whirling around. "What the hell?" Baekhyun said standing up. "Whoa." I said genuinely surprised myself. Yes, Sehun and Minseok had done it but that was far stronger than I thought it would be. The other Kings looked in amazement at the blizzard outside the window. "It wasn't even cold when we had come in was it?" Jungkook asked Jimin. "No it's been warm all day." I answered before he could. Baekhyun grabbed my arm and pulled me to him, "You said you were done fighting." "You think this has something to do with me?" I asked. "You're men can do this." "That's true but just because I said I was done doesn't mean they were. Besides me and Junmyeon were there leaders Baekhyun, you think they'd just leave me here?" He huffed because he knew they wouldn't but after three days of no retaliation he probably hoped they wouldn't or hoped that it would take longer. He stood up and called Yixing back to him. Yixing turned and nodded instructing the other Kings and their guards to move down to the lower level. They headed out quickly with me and Baekhyun behind them. A loud explosion came that rocked the building causing us all to stumble. I looked up at Yoongi, those were his men right on schedule. I looked back at Yixing and he was looking at me for a second before he looked to Baekhyun who was holding me tightly. "Shall we continue my King?" He said. Baekhyun nodded and we continued to run down the hall. Fire broke through the wall between us and the other Kingdom members with Chanyeol jumping through shortly after. Yoongi looked back at us and then instructed the kings to keep running while we stayed trapped behind Chanyeol. "You're going to give me my leader back one way or another." He said in almost a growl. "Like Hell I will." he answered back. He had a grip on my waist as he shot light from his hand towards Chanyeol. He shuffled to the left then ducked under the beam as it moved to dodge it. He shot back fire at Baekhyun that looked a lot like a dragons head snapping at us. Baekhyun released me as we fell to the ground. Baekhyun sat up and yelled, "Yixing take care of her." "Yes my King." He answered coming to me and picking me up. I actually had been hit worse than I thought; he had to heal me. I wasn't fire resistant as long as the collar blocked my powers. While Baekhyun's attention was on Chanyeol and they continued to fight closing the distance between them, Yixing pulled the key to my collar out of his pocket unlocking it and freeing me. Jongin popped in right next to me with the box in his hand. "Good you found it." I said taking it from him. "Hope I'm not late." "Your timing could be better." I said turning to the fight. "Are you sure this is going to work." Jongin asked. "Like fifty percent sure." I could practically hear his voice crack as he asked me to repeat myself. I took a deep breath and tried to will the Phoenix to help me out and let me read the words on the box. They were written in the same language the scroll was before it translated for me. "What was released return to me, in the box the sorrows must return. Leave your host and come back home." I had to chant it in the language but that was pretty much what it meant. Suddenly when Baekhyun was about to shoot light out to Chanyeol he jerked back and a black mist headed straight for the box, the box opening on its own and allowing it back in before closing itself again. Baekhyun fell to the ground and I ran over to him trying to wake him up, "Baekhyun, Baekhyun come on I need you to wake up." I urged him. "Junmyeon and Minseok are at the reactor core." Jongin reported. "Damn it already. Baekhyun get up now." Baekhyun opened his eyes and I sat him up, "What did you do?" "I'll have to explain later but I need you to come with me to the reactor core." "Y/N there's something you should know." he started. "No time." I looked to Jongin, "Can you get us there?" He nodded and we held onto each other as Jogging teleported us to just outside the ramp to the reactor core. "Sorry with this many to travel with, that's as far as I can reach." "That's fine let's go." I said. We started to head for the reactor leaving Jongin behind because he was too exhausted to run just yet. I saw Junmyeon running towards us down the ramp. "Where's Minseok?" I asked. "Back in the reactor room he's hurt can you heal him?" He asked Yixing. I turned to Yixing, "Get him out of there he can't be in there." He nodded and ran, "I'm sorry but what's the plan here?" Baekhyun asked. "Yeah and why is he with us?" Chanyeol said. "There really isn't time to explain all that but I need Baekhyun's light when I target the Kingdom's." "Wait what you're going after all the Kingdoms?" Chanyeol asked. "No time, just go you can't be near when this happens." "Y/N do have any idea how much power that will take, you'd need to go supernova." Chanyeol said. I nodded at him and he shook his head pressing his forehead to mine and grabbing my face, "Don't do this, we can take them out one by one let's just finish the plan." "This was always the plan Chanyeol." I said pulling away form him. "Come on Baekhyun we don't have much time." I looked to Baekhyun but he was staring at me with wide eyes. "Baekhyun?" I could hear the gush of blood and the sound of a blade whipping in the air. I looked to Junmyeon standing behind him and watched him let Baekhyun's body fall. "Junmyeon what the hell?" I said shocked. "Sorry baby sis, I just can't let you ruin my plans." he said kicking Baekhyun's dead body off the ramp. Me and Chanyeol stared at him shocked, then Taehyung's words rang in my ear, "And keep an eye out for the people closest to you." "It was you." I started shocked.
Last chapter coming soon super happy, not gonna lie this one was getting harder to write the further I went into it and I think that's because I started thinking up other fanfics. Hope this ending caught you off guard though. Thank's for reading! Tag list: @Kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @tiffany1922 @herosbells @griseldazenger @elishafisher @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @princess2425 @QueenLee
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