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you've got to try this game out!

Do you love kpop? do you love Got7, 2pm, twice, and all JYP ? "excluding day 6 =( " what am I asking? of course you do that's why we are here... well let me tell you guys about this very addictive game I played all sunday long..
Super star comes in two editions ( not together) you just download each game separately. They have SM and JYP, I chose this one because I'm a big Got7 fan and to be honest I do enjoy all of these artist songs ( also I don't have space for two apps) so of course I got this one. let me explain how it works..
The free downloadable game is a music game of course =) compared to like guitar hero where you press on the button at the correct time with the tune. There are 3 levels and each level has many songs in each level. The game is not just about getting better scores than everyone in the world.. this is where it gets addictive!
at the beginning of the game you get to open a few packs of cards, each card is important because when you play a song, for example "if you do by Got7 " when you play that song and have the card for the line of whom ever is singing, for example " bambam" then when bambam singd he will get more points and you can keep upgrading him and all groupd members ( as long as you own the card) that way you can get more and more points and unlock more got7 cards ( or whomever you want to upgrade) you can upgrade as much as you want as long as you have the cards to do so, when you do use them to upgrade a certair member they will no longer be useful but will always have the original of the one you got.
I want to upgrade and unlock mostly all got7, twice and 2pm.. but the choice is yours =)
I hope I explained this so you guys can enjoy the game fully and play with Got7 =) see you in the rankings ! if you have questions let me know
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@Miichi yea. honestly it could just be my phone being a butt, it's been glitchy and not working right lately so I don't know anymore. I'm due for an upgrade lol
@KellyOConnor it's not in play store also it's spelled Qooapp no changes or spaces. you have to google it and download it
@KaiJae Thank you I'm such an idiot I got it figured out now thanks! My brain must seriously not be working lately. Anyway thanks for all the help I really appreciate it ^~^ @Miichi so sorry for the trouble, got it figured out now. *sigh* just my human error by way of major dumb moment.. lol
@KellyOConnor yey! you got it? awesome!,
@Miichi yes I do now!