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Beast always make a comeback with something so strong full of meanings. It was so weird knowing he's not in the MV because I kept listening for his voice and kept waiting for his beautiful face to pop up. I'm so sorry but I miss HYUNSEUNG huhuhu 😩😭😭 But so glad and happy to know that Beast is doing just fine.
But do you know the actual reason behind their new song? "Ribbon I can't believe it, it's quite funny but so amazing how this beautiful song was born into the hands of a genius inspired rapper all because of his gown untied. πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
omgee sooo much pain in that simple phrase "we thought we really had each other but broke up sooo easily :'( my heart broke after hearing dis it seems like he really put his soul into this album i d k if he was really close to hyunseang or not but I have been feeling it since the beginning of this comeback the pain and sadness in junhyung eyes it seems he was deeply hurt by them breaking and getting separated from hyunseang like this I am actually a new b2uty but this really breaks my heart :'( Fighing Beast Fighting Hyunseang Thanks so much for bringing this up <3
I was watching this and I couldn't stop laughing πŸ˜‚ especially when I think Gikwang said "Wait did you go back into your room??!!! or what???!!!!" lol
B2UTIES right here~
It's another namjoon omg
it's funny......I'm still in denial....I was listening for HS in the song....I even had a dream before the mv....I saw him in the mv and I heard people asking if it was OK for him to be in it when he left. I was sad in that dream.
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