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Here they are!!!!!

@LuffyNewman -Advisor Shikimaru @OtakuDemon10 -Byakugan Princess @neevp - Kuīn @AngelMartinez1 - Jirynaruto

With this card I'm happy to say that we will be doing more with the Naruto community so please join us if you haven't yet!!

We look forward to having you guys with us all Q3!!

Super stoked to be the advisor to the greatest hokage ever!!!!!!! This is gonna be an amazing quarter, believe it!! I mean, what a drag.... Thanks again @tayhar18920 For letting me be a supporter of this awesome community again!!! and glad to team up with: @OtakuDemon10 (Byakugan Princess) @neevp (kuīn) @AngelMarteniz1 (Jirynaruto) It may be a drag but it's our team community!! Hahha!! Let's do it NAKAMA!!
@LuffyNewman haha, no worries! let's make this awesome! @neevp @AngelMartinez1 @Tayhar18920 go team!
Yay 💋
same! So excited to do all I can to support this community! @LuffyNewman also, small typo in my tag😉
@OtakuDemon10 haha thanks for the notice. Haha I just noticed. Dang n and m can look so alike when I have my phones brightness all the way down "excuses" haha But love being in the Naruto Support team with our awesome Moderator and the rest of the support team!! BELIEVE IT!!
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