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This first part they were talking about the prices🏆 for 1st🏅2nd🎖and 3rd🎗 places. Let's just say that bubble tissues were mention 🗣 and 👂🏻Chanyeol👂🏻ran🏃🏻for a box 🗳then gave one to 👶🏻Sehun 🍑who looks 100% confused🤔.
Then they decide how to team up by having them drink either ice coffee☕️ or ice fish sauce🍾 then to make things even there will be a neutral member he will only have ice ❄️.
The ice coffee drinkers will be in the Lucky Ones team 🍀🍀🍀. The ice fish sauce drinkers will be in the Monster team 😈😈😈.
I'll upload the other screenshot later on guys into only a couple more since I had to leave half way through because of stinking work 😒😒😒. But I'll update you sweetie on what I do know share the love!!!