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Tsuna's Vongola Gloves
Maybe it's because of how obsessed with Reborn I am right now, or maybe it's just the fact I never expected a pair of gloves to be so badass and so powerful but either way, I am definitely going with Tsuna's Vongola gear as my number one choice for this day of the anime challenge.
Ryuko's Senketsu
Kill La Kill
Again, we have a killer outfit that gives Ryuko all sorts of incredible powers and battle strength. Who knew an outfit could be quite this deadly?
Tatsumi's Incursio
Akame Ga Kill
Though I was very upset to see Bullat lose his life, I know that Tatsumi was honored to take of Incursio in his place. Tatsumi trusted Incursio until the very end and was able to save the lives of many.
Nami's Clima Tact
One Piece
The last choice I will go with for today (though it certainly isn't the least) would be the beautiful navigators Clima Tact that the sniper king, Usopp originally created just for her. After her trip to Sky Island before the time skip, she was able to gather a ton of information to greatly improve her Clima Tact for the new world.
Again, I am soooo sorry I haven't been doing these daily. But still, I hope you all enjoyed and until next time!!
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@KurosakiJess tell me about it... Iemistu... Reborn... Daemon Spade... KHR (anime) ended before its time.
All the Arcabelos just picked their representatives and were explained the rules... Tsuna and Dino San are at the hotel having dinner with the Varia right now... 馃槀馃槀 that's where I'm at! @AdamDean
@KurosakiJess you're almost done... it's both exciting and a pity isn't it.
Haha love that u mentioned Nami's clima tact!! Navigator props馃憣馃憣 They are all sweet I def love Ryuko's outfit haha and its attitude haha
Yes! Aha @LuffyNewman