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OK, so I'm the last mod supporter and member of the lucky carat squad (spelled squadeu.) and this is my introduction but if you find it awkward don't blame me my name is awkward jazzy after all. I was born awkward I can't help it!!!
Ok, this is me....yep. Anywho, my name is Jasmyn also known as awkward jazzy. A few facts about me: *I am almost 17 (ayeee) *I am awkward (not very shocking) *I have been in the wonderful world of Kpop since 2011 (so many years. So many many) *The first group I got into was the only kpop group I listened to for four years (I was loyal.) and it was Big Bang. My bias is Daesung. *My bias group is seventeen and my biases are Soonyoung, Jihoon, and Seungkwan.
My roll in here is the appreciation mod for Q3. I will give details of the boys and appreciation posts and what not. OK, now bear with me I'm new to this and I'm learning as I go so just please bear with meh. And my bias.....I have three
First, Boo Seungkwan. Who doesn't love Seungkwan??? He's gorgeous!! And his vocal skills are amazing (I'll let you guys in on a little secret, Seungkwans actually the reason I'm in love with seventeen. I was watching a video, I'll put it below for ya. And it was very low quality but he stood out to me and it took off from there.)
Second, Kwon Soonyoung A.K.A the person who can't stay in his lane. So I was peacefully stanning Seungkwan and then without any time (seriously it was like a week later) Mr. Soonyoung was all like hey, nice bias list there. Let me just slide up on it K? And then he just....he took my heart you know.
And finally, Lee Jihoon. He came out of nowhere!!!!! I was casually watching seventeen and he just popped up with his dimples and I died honestly! It's impossible to not love Jihoon. He's gorgeous and his voice just gives me chills. His messy hair kills me. ESPECIALLY ON ONE FINE DAY WHEN HE HAD JUST WOKEN UP OH GOODNESS I COULDN'T.
Well that was my introduction, if it was boring I'm sorry! I'm not the most interesting person. And this the video where I fell in love with Seungkwan and essentially seventeen as well (can we just take a moment to appreciate Jihoons dancing?)
Tagging: Lucky Carat squad(eu): @VatcheeAfandi99 @Mikim000 @CosmicCassidy @IsoldaPazo Let me know if you would like to be tagged because yeah...
Awkwardness (50 pts) awkwardjasmyn (100pts) lol I'm just kidding..I'm so glad to have you on board for this Q3 period! :D
Boo Bear is my first and only UB. He's taken that spot since debut, haha! I love these boys and it's great seeing so much support for them.