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Hey guys! It's Kitty and I need your help!
So recently I attended Fly in Dallas with my best friend Jaime(the cute Paki biscuit)! Jaime and I have only been best friends for about a year now (?) but we've known each other for about 8 years! And the reason we finally became friends is because she told me she liked Kpop! We actually got into it at about the same time a little bit before Psy released Gangnam Style, so we had both gone through the 'fake' kpop fan phase,basically the, '1:Oh I listen to kpop! 2:Oh yea what groups?1: Psy! 2:Just no', phase. And no I don't feel the same way about that anymore because a lot of those people did get into Kpop and my dad is actually a HUGE Psy fan now but anyways! Every concert I've ever been to has been with her and she is super important to me! Fly was our last concert together, due to the fact that she is going to boarding school! She'll be about 5 to 6 states away from me and will only have her phone on Saturday's between 3 and 5, SO I want to send her off with something she can use all year long! I have a jar and a memory box that I'm going to be putting small things in so that whenever she's upset and misses Texas she can have a little boost to get her on her way again!
INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Please pick one or more of the following: โ€ขNice Saying/Words of encouragement โ€ขA small doodle (include your watermark/signature your work is important no matter how small!) โ€ขA quote โ€ขA Kpop meme! (yes please!) โ€ขA random joke โ€ขShort story that will make her happy or laugh! 2. After you've picked what your going to do please send it to me via direct message, comment, or if necessary message me for help on how to get your gift to me! All these things will be typed and printed on special paper(also known as certificate paper) folded and put in the jar or memory box! I would really appreciate you guys if you could help me do this I think she would really enjoy this as a gift! Also just so you know I want to be able to put your name on the paper so that she knows like who sent it so that one day she thank you or something! Fill free to spread this card around she doesn't have a Vingle (shame on her!) so there's not a very high chance of the secret getting out! Again thank you so so much you guys!
@Kitty17 happy to help! its super cute ^^
@VixenViVi Thank you for the contribution!
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