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I decided to make this card and collection so we won't forget about the Kpop bands that are still in Hiatus I know many bands are making comebacks
But their are actually many Kpop bands that are still in Hiatus and we haven't heard Any news about their comebacks it seems as if we will have to wait a lot Longer and Its sad because I miss them soo Muchhh
As we are into many new awesome comebacks coming our way Lets not forget these Kpop bands that are still in Hiatus. I hope you all like this card I will be doing 3 bands each week so comment below if you would like to be tagged in upcoming cards regarding this category and Who do you wish to see Nextt Enjoy all Nd have an AWESOME LONG WEEKEND :) <3
2pm !! is first since I am a proud Hottest nd I miss them sooo muchhh
I really wish we get to hear from Them soon but as it seems Taechyoen oppa has announced his drama as his last project before his military service which is sad because we Hottest were waiting for a comeback news from them. But now it seems as if we will have to wait so long Omgee i really miss them all nd their songs sooo much
2PM and 2pm fans Hottest FIGHTINGG !!
we all know this one group TVXQ has been divided tin to 2 TVXQ and JYJ
Nd I miss them both sooo muchhh
Because they are all in the army tgthr and the whole yoochun oppa scandal which I do not wish to go in any further details it seems as if we will have to wait really long to hear any news for their Comeback which is sad because I belong to both fandoms Pearl Red (JYJ fandom) and Cassiopeia Tvxq fandom So I am just sharing their recent favorite tracks
TVXQ Catch me This is my favorite MV of the duo it actually has a whole story version nd I completely love it soo much
TVXQ Something This is a really fun track nd I love it soo much
JYJ Back Seat The sexxy comeback which is just awesome !!
JYJ Empty I just absolutely love this song.
The last group for this week card is the Legenday Epic Boy Band Superjunior
Almost half of them are in the army so a comeback is far but I just really miss them all soo muchhh . Actually the rest of the few members were suppose to have a concert in NY and LA but it was cancelled and It sucks . We Elf really miss Superjunior , so here are my favorite songs
Super Junior MR.Simple This my favorite song from Super junior
Sexxy free nd Single this song Mv and its choreo is the best
The 2 new recent tracks Magic nd Devil
I absolutely love these 2 songs nd miss Superjuior Elf's nd Superjunior FIGHTINGG !!
Enjoy all hope u all like this card all credit to it actually owner look forward to more of my favorite Kpop bands that are still in Hiatus :) <3
@Kpossible4250 meee tooo
Wwwaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! I need them to come back!!!!
@sherrysahar they just release their last japanese album last month lol but yeah their breaking off and doing their solos cause jun.k and taec enlistment is next year
@pandaqueenbee Yess they are the thr is no news on their come back What so ever all members are busy with their solo activities which i am super happy abt nd Taecyeon oppa already announced his drama as his last project bfr his military service so it seems like no comeback Omgeee nd also thr is no group activities they are doing πŸ˜“πŸ˜”πŸ˜” 😯😞
o.o sweet heart why do you think 2pm on hiatus?
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