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Part 14 Warning: Heavy chapter, rape and alcohol _ * _ * _ * We were all intoxicated... so why are judging ourselves and each other so harshly? Yoongi didn't mean to, I didn't mean to, none of us did. Here's what happened... Flashback to party: We just got to the party and I already lost Alex. *sigh* I got out my phone to text Yoongi and find out where he was. Yoongi: Living room Me: I'm coming I quickly found him and grabbed the extra bottle from his hand. "Thank you!" "You're welcome, wanna play beer pong?" "Why not." he took my hand as we went to the basement where a bunch of drinking games had been set up and made our way to the beer pong table. "Count us in!" I called. "Got it, you're on separate teams though." a dude replied earning shrugs from both of us. The game was easy until I had to keep drinking and drinking. My vision got blurrier and somehow my team still won. "Yes!" Alecia, my teammate squealed. "We won!" We jumped up and down hugging each other like little five year olds. "Round two?" The dude, who I learned was named Yato, asked. "Nah." Yoongi replied. "We're gonna try other games." I nodded my head following him away. "I would've thought you were good at these kinds of things!" I poked his cheek as we found another game to play. "Please I lost on purpose, watch I'll win this one." "Okie!" We went around until we met up with Alex, Alecia and Hoseok and decided to play strip poker but with drinking added. We were all hammered so I don't know why we thought it was a good idea. Long story short, we were all in our underwear as we left stumbling around. We chose to walk home because (drinking and driving is bad!!!) we could still function... barely... but hey give kootos where they go. We all decided to crash at Yoongi's place. Stumbling around and laughing we made our way down the sidewalk. "Hey! Yoongi!" Hoseok called. "Yeah, Hobi?" he slurred. "Let's ge-hic! some food!" "Sure!" They hooked arms leaning on each other as they entered some fast food place. I leaned on Alex trying to keep my balance as Alecia grabbed my arm. "Let's go, I have his spare key" I said. I think, it barely was audible. We walked when Alecia pulled me into an alley causing Alex to come with us. We were slammed in a wall but I was too intoxicated to feel anything. All I heard was Alecia crying and Alex yelling at me to do something. I watched not processing until we were held on the ground and a man towered over me. "Hey beauty." he looked at me lustfully. I swung my legs slipping him over and stopping his face for good measure. I screamed for Yoongi as i tried pulling the two men off Alex and Alecia. Alecia had been stripped of her lower garments. I was able to push the one of Alex but since I was too drunk to move properly I got pushed back into a wall. I kept fighting as much as I could until someone pulled him off. "Y/N! ALEX! ALECIA!" it was Yoongi and Hoseok. They punched the two men left and grabbed us running. We had all been crying as we entered. Hoseok had thrown his jacket over Alecia. We all huddled in the living room as Yoongi and Hoseok tried to calm us down. We had sobered up after what happened. "Are you guys okay? What did they do?" Yoongi questioned holding me closer as I gripped Alex. I took a shakey breath. "I'm fine, Alex? Alecia?" "I'm okay." Alex sniffled. "Alecia?" "H-he..." she burst out crying as we all grew silent trying to keep calm. "Alecia... we have to go to the..." I started trying to keep my voice from cracking. "police. Right now." I stood up pulling her with me. Everyone stood up with me. "I'll get you some clothes." End of flashback: Here we were blaming ourselves the next day. I called Alecia because we wouldn't allow her to come to school today and the police said she should take time to process everything. She said she was doing fine but I knew that was a lie so I told her we would always be here for her. "Y/N." Yoongi whispered in my ear. We were sitting on my bed, his arm on my shoulder and my head on his chest. I hummed in response as he kissed my forehead. "You know I love you, right?" "And I love you." I replied snuggling closer to him. We layed down as i turned the lamp off. "Can we just stay like this?" He laughed trying to keep the mood up. "As long as you want." "How about forever?" I smiled a little. "Of course." He breathed. _ * _ * _ *
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