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Uh oh its time for another Jay Park edition and this time we're going with S.S.S. I'm sure you all are wondering what those S's stand for and here it is Sweet, Sexy and Soulful. From that beautiful smile, to those sexy abs, to that voice that makes you wanna faint..
Sweet There is no denying that he is a sweet amazing dork. Look even the kids love him haha! And that would melt any persons heart. Goofy smile and sweet personality
Haha I mean really come on!
SEXY!! I'm not gonna lie this picture gets me every time.. He looks soo damn fine when he bites that lip! I wanna bite it for him lmao shhhh.. don't tell I said that.
More Sexiness!! Not to mention those and and them tatts!! ❤
BODY ROLLS!! Hahaha oh this boy child knows how to do it right.. Even with rainbow and blue green hair he still looks fine! and we haven't even gotten to the soulful part yet.
Here it comes!! I'm not ready, I'm not ready. SOULFUL
Jay Park- Star I don't wanna kill you guys just yet
Jay Park- Know Your Name Acoustic version I love this version soo much more
Jay Park- Welcome All I can do is smile
Jay Park- The promise Its getting a little hot in here. So I'll do a bonus video just for you guys
Haha okay so I lied.. its more than one bonus video!!
@LocoForJiyong don't tell him shhh it's a secret lol between me you and @MarrickeJ33
@LocoForJiyong Lmfao! What did I say?! Lol 😂😂😂... I mean you know... *whistles and looks around with hands behind back* @firstladyofaomg haha I completely agree
*runs and tells jay what you said*😂😂😂😂 but seriously jay is too sexy for his own good
@MarrickeJ33 I know right I can't live without him
shit I am feeling some type of way right now someone help me
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