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I've been debating whether I want to try adding my own cards to Vingle and decided since I was going to do these two challenges with a friend, that I would also post my answers on here to spread some info about myself as a start x3
Day #1 of the Kpop Challenge, my favorite guy group is... Vixx πŸ’™
And Day #1 for the Bias Challenge, my Bias in Sunglasses x3 which for those who don't know, my ultimate bias is, Taekwoon, Leo of Vixx
I'm completely clueless as to how all this card posting works so bare with me here for the next month as I figure it out x3 Thanks to those who check out my up coming cards and I'll try my best to keep them up πŸ’™ Also, I don't really know how tag lists work, so that's something I'm going to have to work on as well xD
As a start, I'm tagging some of the ppl that are popping up in my notifications often from tagging me in things, let me know if you don't want to be tagged further on @MadAndrea @TaehyungV @amobigbang @KaitlynHewitt @kpopandkimchi @Michellelbarra @VikaAlex @kpopINT
you can tag me, that's fine ^_^
@Tamaki1618 you can tag me
@dawndamnit my friend that I'm doing the challenge with just made a Vingle so I'm tagging her now too x3