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Omg I reached 500 followers and my stats when up thank you all so much I never thought people would actually like my random cards any ways As a Thank you I'm doing my first give away !!
Rules to Enter: 1) You get to pick an album from the store Kpoptown, The album has to be under $20 2) Once you have chosen the album you want, Leave a comment below with the name of album. 3)Leave a comment telling me why you want that Album. *Notice The Winner has to be from the US only* ( it's my first time doing this so please be understanding) Good luck too you all :)
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congratulations I want the seventeen recent album love nd letter repackage album bcs they are my favorite rookie kpop group nd i absolutely love them nd support them soooooooooo muchhhh nd this is one of thr best album and has a lot of my favorite songs too ❤👌😄
congratulations! I would love the new Bts album young forever pt.3 but the giveaway isn't important you got to 500 I'm so happy for you!
Congrats!! I would like BTS dark and wild album. As you can see, they are my bias group, and I never had the chance to buy any sort of album, this would be my first album! Again congratulations on reaching 500 followers!!
CONGRATS ON REACHING 500 FOLLOWERS! YOU DESERVE IT. I would like the BTS Dark and Wild Album because It will be my first kpop.merchandise ever! My parents can't afford much right now.and I would appreciate it so much! Congrats again on reaching 500 and accomplishing so much!
Woah. Thanks For Doing Your First Giveaway! It's Really Nice Of You. 🤗 I Would Like The Korean Version Of The Ex'act Album From EXO. Please. Everyday I Wake Up To Hearing The Boys Voices ( Morning Alarm ) Honestly They Have Been Part Of Me And I Look Up To Suho And Xiumin, Lay They Are Savage, Hilarious, Cute, Charming. 🌷❤️ When I'm Grumpy I Listen To Their Album, Just Listening And Hearing Their Different Voices Makes Me Smile😊 They Are The Ones That Make My Day! ( Sorry For A Long Comment ) Thanks For Doing The Giveaway Really Nice Of You! Thank You! Have A Nice Day/ Night. ~ Ruby 😌