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My friend just got married and I was thinking about all the HORRIBLE guys she dated and how she was so lucky to end up with her now-husband.

She was the first in our friend group in middle school to have her first kiss (mine didn't come until much, much later) but I was thinking about that experience and was wondering if anyone else knows someone who went through this...

Her first kiss was at a party, probably playing truth or dare OR spin the bottle, but regardless it was with a guy she didn't really like and she wasn't really happy about it.

My first kiss was with someone I really liked, but hers was sort of meh. She ended up not really caring and I think thats totally fine, but just wondering if anyone else knows someone who got kissed that way?
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mine was with my current girlfriend of almost 2 years it was during big hero 6 in theatres during the feast short I did the "you have something on your face" thing and kissed her our hearts were racing after
There isn't any way describing my first kiss... well is like to me a very sweet sensation .)
I think, is my mom.. I don't remember;).
My first kiss hasn't happened yet unless kissing my parents on their cheeks counts XD
Haven't had one. But does cheek count?